Monthly Archives: December 2012

And so it begins…

It had to come to this.  To start a blog so that the truth of where in the heck our money goes each month is spelled out in black and white (ironic, since our finances are in the red).  Don’t get me wrong, we are not homeless or starving.  We are not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  But debt is there, and too much for a professional married couple who make a decent income.  The wife being super smart, dazzling, charming, hilarious, humble with a great self-awareness and the husband (he will be referred to as “P”) being a tech genius and having a penchant for playing video games instead of helping his wife out with a load of dishes (oh, did the wife get off topic).

Back to the debt…how much?  Actually, not sure.  When those pesky bills come in the mail each month (mainly the dreaded credit card bills), this wife tends to just look at that minimum payment and make the check out for that amount  always with the intentions to pay extra at the end of each month (which doesn’t happen because wife and P like to go out and reward themselves with nice meals and drinks with friends for just “getting by and paying that minimum payment!  Woohoo!”).

The point of this blog is to make a decision now.  To stop turning a blind eye to our debt and to get real about it.  This is money we earn with hard work, and every penny of it should be spent or saved with thought and care.

Well P just got home and is wanting to play Farcry, or COD, or something… so the wife needs to wrap this first blog post up.