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One step forward (then two Jeeps back)

One Step Forward:

In my last post, a dirty secret was revealed about our credit card debt (in the sickening amount of over $12,000.00).  This debt is an accumulation of two credit cards, both of which are from the big bad wolves of the banking industry (which won’t be named by this not so little Red Riding Hood).  After trying and failing to slowly pay off these two cards, I decided to pull back that red hood and look at the interest rate…EGADS!  Almost 12% on one and the other almost 19%!!!  No wonder little progress was getting made, felt duped, bamboozled and mainly just stupid.  Wanted to curl up into a corner, suck my thumb, and cry for my Mommy…but I did the more adult thing, instead I drank in a corner, said “This sucks!” and called my Mommy.

I bounced the idea of consolidating the credit card debt from both cards into a personal loan at a lower interest rate to my Mom.  She thought it was at least looking into, which is all I needed to get the ball moving.  So P and I made an appointment to go to STCU since we financed our home through them (and got a great loan).  We met with a lovely lady named Sherri Perry at the Post Falls branch who was awesome, and even laughed at our (o.k. mostly my) bad jokes.  Side note:  Apparently when you are applying for a loan, you can’t claim your husband’s Star Wars collection as an asset.  Anywho, our credit scores were great, and after some discussion we were approved to consolidate our debt into one of their credit cards at a rate of just over 4%!  Yes, we have a third credit card, but the other two are paid off with the third at an interest rate that I can actually get my head wrapped around.  And all three credit cards will be placed in a tub of water and kept in our freezer.

Two Jeeps Back:

While we were meeting with Sherri at STCU, she had to pull up our credit score, which both were great (mine was an A+, P’s was an A), and P’s score had improved tremendously.  However, with P hearing this news the wheels started turning in his head and his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  Sherri couldn’t see it, oh but I could, and thought, or rather screamed to myself “Oh S*%$!”  He then started to divert the conversation to getting financed for another vehicle.  Even though we had several private conversations about not being able to afford another vehicle until late spring, we were in February and now that was all P could talk about.  His credit score was now great and the world was his oyster…and so the Jeep talk begins.

Something that should be known about P is that once he gets an idea in his head he becomes obsessive about it …maybe that’s why he proposed to me three times ; ).  It becomes all he can talk about and research.  He is a dog with a bone and won’t let it go until it becomes a reality.  Pssst P, maybe becoming a multi-millionaire who has a wife that is always right should be your next idea that gets in your head!

So a week after we get our credit card debt consolidated, and a week of non-stop Jeep talk, P picks me up from work to go on our Valentine’s Day date.  He wines me and dines me at Pizza Hut (which is where I DID want to go) and starts to tell me how he found his dream vehicle…a 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and how he wants to keep his current Jeep, a 1990 Jeep Wrangler because some day it will be a classic.  He tells me I can draft a contract (which I am in the process of doing) if we get the new Jeep and keep the old Jeep.  Jeep, Jeep, Jeep, Jeep, Jeep.  He knows how to wear a girl down.  Instead of the saying “Talk is Cheap”, it was “Talk is Jeep”.  Every time I would go into his Man Cave, youtube videos of Jeeps (which I referred to as “Jeep Porn”) were playing.  This girl was getting tired of fighting, so we went to Spokane, saw the Jeep, drove the Jeep and got it.  We did get a great interest rate and were able to put some money down, which helped make up my mind that it wasn’t a bad decision we were making (it was just so nice not having a car payment, but oh well).

So with three credit cards in cold water, P in hot water, and our Jeep collection getting broader, that is what has been happening with this blogger.

Until next time,

Ang (A girl just trying to make her frugoal)

And so it continues…

It has been several weeks since I posted my last (and first) post, but I’m back.  I think I have been procrastinating since this is the post where I wanted to get real about credit card debt.  The REAL truth is this…myself and P were not using our best judgement and both evil credit cards that we own got the best of us.  Oh, how that shiny plastic can take hold of you and make you believe you can afford things you can’t (much like a twenty-something gold digger).  A new computer, Christmas presents, even a trip to Mexico all seem like a great idea, until you get the bill and realize that it was a mirage of what you thought you could afford vs. what you can actually afford.

Right now, we are actually in a good place with our credit cards, we haven’t put anything on them in months because …drum roll please…both of our credit cards are MAXED out.  So even if we wanted to, we couldn’t spend another dime (and by “spend”, I mean put it on credit).

So here is the truth, P and I are over (ahhhhhhh don’t want to spell it out for you or myself) 12,000 dollars in credit card debt.  Typing it out makes me feel shameful, but it is my truth.  Truth is always a good starting point.