And so it continues…

It has been several weeks since I posted my last (and first) post, but I’m back.  I think I have been procrastinating since this is the post where I wanted to get real about credit card debt.  The REAL truth is this…myself and P were not using our best judgement and both evil credit cards that we own got the best of us.  Oh, how that shiny plastic can take hold of you and make you believe you can afford things you can’t (much like a twenty-something gold digger).  A new computer, Christmas presents, even a trip to Mexico all seem like a great idea, until you get the bill and realize that it was a mirage of what you thought you could afford vs. what you can actually afford.

Right now, we are actually in a good place with our credit cards, we haven’t put anything on them in months because …drum roll please…both of our credit cards are MAXED out.  So even if we wanted to, we couldn’t spend another dime (and by “spend”, I mean put it on credit).

So here is the truth, P and I are over (ahhhhhhh don’t want to spell it out for you or myself) 12,000 dollars in credit card debt.  Typing it out makes me feel shameful, but it is my truth.  Truth is always a good starting point.

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