Monthly Archives: March 2013

Daylight Savings Time (For Real)!

Ah yes, today was that special time of year when a simple time change of just 60 minutes feels like so much longer.  Alarm went off at 5:15 A.M., the snooze button was hit approximately 4 times in anger and frustration, which made me feel a little bit like Chris Brown (yes inappropriate joke and overused) before my feet hit the floor.  Sleep still in my eyes, I proceeded to get ready for Monday.  Washed my face (sort of), combed my hair (sort of), put my makeup on (o.k., obviously lying about that one), got dressed and sleepwalked to my car to drive to work.

On the way to work I thought about Daylight Savings Time, and how it would be a good time of year to focus on our personal savings (come on, it’s in the name).  The status of our savings right now is laughable, not Jerry Seinfeld laughable, more Louis C.K. laughable…and sad.  We had a little saved up for a rainy day, but alas, one needs two jeeps, and now it is down to nothing, nada, zilch.

So here is the goal, in the next couple of months get an emergency fund going.  We (just so everybody is aware, when the word “we” is used it means “me” as P is currently in his man cave playing the new Tomb Raider) are going to take the advice of financial guide Dave Ramsey and focus on the fund being $1,000.00.  So very little eating out, drinking out or having fun (kidding) until that thousand bucks is tucked away as well as accesible for all of those little expenses that we don’t expect.

Toodles for now as this must be a short blog and Gonzaga is playing!  Go Zags!  And yes, I will be watching the game on cable (sorry Dave Ramsey).