Damsel In De-mess

I must preface this post with the following:  If you are a type A personality where everything in your house has a place to call home and even your chotskies are in perfect order this post is NOT for you (but since I adore you for even starting to read my blog, please keep reading).  It is for those of us who live a cluttered and disorganized existence.  Much like my cup size, my personality is very much a B.  Possessing a type B personality is great in a lot of aspects (a cup size B, not so much…this girl has to pay for a lot of her own drinks when she goes to da club).  We type B personalities balance out work with fun, we don’t take life too seriously, and household chores…forgeddaboutit… cuts into our playtime.  However (cue Sarah McLachlan music) being a type B has a downside.  It is confusing, cluttered and exhausting at times.  Being a type B results in an office that can look like this:


(Pretty accurate dramatization of what the author’s home office really looks like)

Overwhelming right?  Well if my finances…wait don’t close out this tab yet!  I know,  the word “finances” creates instant boredom and makes you want to stop reading this and go on to more important internet happenings, so let me share an antidote with you so you will keep reading.  The word “finances” kind of sounds like “fine a*#es” so if you need to swap out one word for the other to continue reading please do (I won’t mind).  Now, where were we, oh yes, “finances” (more interesting read already).  If I were a type A personality, my desk would be orderly, no bills would be lost or forgotten and I wouldn’t be surrounded by a mountain of debt (figuratively and literally).  Coulda, woulda, shoulda.  The reality is my desk is not clean nor is it organized.  Due to my reality, I have lost bills and my mind on multiple occasions.  If I want my finances in order, it would make a whole lot of sense to keep the space where anything and everything dealing with finances goes to get sorted and paid:  My home office.  So let’s get organized!

How?  Well where does one go to seek advice/help/tips on anything in life?  The one place that is always reliable, dependable, and would never lead me astray:  Google.  So I googled and googled and after a few minutes found an article called “De-cluttered Desk Equals Happiness” on the National Women’s Holistic Institute website.  Perfect!  My desk is the definition of cluttered and anything that equals happiness has to be good…right?  What made this article even more perfect was that I was a woman who lived nationally, who has a lifestyle (albeit cluttered one) and I have holes (mainly one that gets me into trouble and one that gets me out of trouble)  That is what “holistic” means right?

Dirty jokes aside, it is time to get my desk happy and de-cluttered.  Who is with me?!

If you want to join me on this de-clutter venture here is a link to the article I mentioned:



7 thoughts on “Damsel In De-mess

  1. if you don’t mind – I won’t join you in this de-cluttering exercise

    I like my mess. I know exactly where everything is – once it’s ‘tidied away’ it is effectively lost forever 😦

  2. I love it. I am working out a system to curtail such build-up. I am looking at my mother’s bone china and thinking I should just give it away. At least you are a writer. A scanner and an external Lacie hard drive is all you need. Try floor to ceiling paintings and photographs. It is like pulling teeth.

  3. Possibly a bit of delayed assistance, but I love this blog for getting things organized: http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com. It’s done by a woman who has children, and her house constantly looks amazing. And often she has creative ways to do things yourself instead of buying some expensive “fix”. Like creating your own labels, or re-painting a dresser, things like that. I highly recommend giving her a read!

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