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Hate to start off any post with negativity, but I just want to shout from some rooftop, hilltop, or IHOP that “I HATE CREDIT CARDS…Cards…cards!”  Side note:  Apparently in my fantasy declaration of credit card hatred there is an echo.  Anyone with me on this?  Anybody at all?!

The reason why I hate them is obvious:  I was rode hard and put away in credit card debt.  How did this happen?  Fancy meals out, shopping trips, traveling, and even groceries.  Yes, I know, all things that easily could have been budgeting out and paid for in cash.  But alas, they weren’t because immediate gratification was calling my name and a card made of plastic was doing the same.

So what is a gal to do?  Considered getting a second job to help alleviate my financial woes.  I even answered my first ad on craigslist.  It was for a back up singer/dancer for a band that did corporate events.  I thought…Dang, this is perfect!  Hours that won’t conflict with my full time work…and I can carry a tune AND I can dance like Napoleon Dynamite…Gosh!  So I replied to the ad, albeit a few glasses of wine in me.  I stated that “I was interested, unless you are a serial killer or a rapist.”  No response.  Whew, dodged that bullet.  Then I considered using this melodic voice of mine to do some type of voice work over the phone where I get paid to talk.  The only profession  that came to mind was a phone sex operator…egads no!  Though I could be a phone cuddle operator and charge extra for spooning talk?  Million dollar idea?!  Let me know what you guys think!

This whole extra income thing wasn’t panning out so I ultimately decided to get help from the godfather of debt-free living, THE Dave Ramsey!  I bought his book “The Total Money Makeover” on (probably paid for it by credit card) and read it in a matter of hours (no applause please…not as impressive as it sounds because it has lots of pictures).  In this book, the wise Mr. Ramsey has a challenge for the reader:  To take on the guy or gal in the mirror.  This challenge is one of the reasons I started this blog.  What better way to be self-reflective than to write honestly about what your finances are?  Well one of the financial woes I was honest about from the get-go was the credit card debt (over $12,000.00).  If you missed that post (which I must say is highly entertaining) the link is below so you can read the details of how the interest rates got lowered and the debt got consolidated…psssst…just a heads up, it is the “One step forward” part of the post if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

So now that you are caught up with the credit card debt drama, I have an update!  Only 5 months in and already $1,500.00 of that credit card debt is gone!  What a difference an interest rate makes!  Though I still have trouble sleeping and wake up with the credit card debt sweats, it is so nice to see that debt going down.  The credit cards are still open but are now in their final resting place.  They are buried in a tupperware container under 6 inches of ice in the freezer.  It was time to freeze those “assets”.

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Now go put those credit cards in the freezer!


Coming Attractions

In the comments of my last post I was reminded by someone who shall remain nameless (*cough*Josette*cough*Holland) that I have strayed from what this blog is about:  My pursuit to get out of debt and get more out of life by spending less (profound, and I think even Ms. Oprah would be proud).  Josette…errrrr…I mean commenter who shall remain nameless is right.  I have been off topic in the last few posts.  First there was writer’s block, then there was cat talk.  So this little lady is getting back on track…eventually.  See the thing is (yes there is a thing) I am now in rehearsals for a play.  My schedule is now work, gym, rehearsals, catch up on Honey Boo Boo on the DVR, and try to sleep while my body is dripping in sweat in a very hot and AC-less house.  This busy schedule is making it very hard for me to make blog time, and I don’t want to post a blog and have it be just…well…”Blahg”.  I do have some ideas swirling in this very freakishly large head of mine (it seriously is BIG).  In the coming weeks I will be posting an update about the credit card debt status, a post concerning love, marriage, and money with your honey, and the most exciting news…wait for it…a VLOG is in the very near future!

Next Week:  The Credit Card Debt Sweats

Not So Crazy Cat Lady…Or Am I?


Meet Orville.  He is the new man in my life.  A Russian Blue cat who appropriately came out of the Russian “Blue” a little over a week ago.  No need to get into the “catty” details of how this lil boy now lives with me, but there are still mixed feelings about him.  First off, I’m not a cat person.  I am not one of those people who looks up animal youtube videos and laughs hysterically then feels the need to share them on facebook. Instead I use facebook to share hilarious one-liners that pop into my head. You want an example?  Of course you do!  Something that I posted this past November and I thought was deliciously witty was as follows:  Is it possible to get breast implants for your back? Trying to find a way to get free back rubs on a regular basis.   Hilarious, right?!?!  It was so witty I thought it would get over 3,000 likes (when in actuality I only have a little over 200 facebook friends) but alas, it got 17 likes…17!!!!  People post pics of a piece of pizza (tongue twister alert) and get 50 likes!  I feel like I’m getting off topic.  Where was I?  Ah yes, not a cat person.  I’m not a cat person (oh yeah I covered that).  Secondly, my second biggest fear (right behind anime movies) is morphing into a crazy cat lady (CCL).  The woman whose only social interactions are with her cats.  The woman who makes headlines with her 100+ felines.  The woman who dies childless and when the neighbors complain about the smell coming from her small, disorderly apartment, the police discover her body sans face…the cats were hungry.  Every CCL starts off normal.  She is pre-CCL.  No cats, no Orville.  These pre-CCLs also post funny one-liners on facebook that get 17 likes.  Maybe these pre-CCLs start a financial blog and call it “Frugoal”.  Then a pre-CCL gets her first cat and morphs into a cat lady (CL).  After the first cat enters her life, the CL then acquires another kitten to keep the first one company.  She transitions from a CL to a CsL (Cats Lady).  Then a third kitty is introduced so the  CsL can dress her three cats up a la Charlie’s Angels (full blown Crazy Cat Ladyhood has arrived).  Then 3 turns into…well it really doesn’t matter after you have 3 cats, does it?

So what was the point of this post?  The point was to prove that I won’t be defined by having a cat because Orville won’t be a cat.  Orville will just be a dude that lives with me for free who I happen to have to feed and scoop his poop.  I won’t be a CL, and if I’m not a CL I can’t possibly turn into a CCL?


To prevent me from making Orville my only social interaction tonight please leave a comment below (it doesn’t even need to be cat related), e-mail me at, or tweet me @frugoal (I have two followers, following four, and have no clue how to tweet, twat or twit so it should be fun to figure out).

Insert Clever Title Here

Self-diagnosed with writer’s block.  There is no known cure.  No pill to swallow or shot to take.  A few ideas are swirling through this head of mine but once my fingers hit the keyboard…yeah…well…nothing seems to happen.  Feeling very unfocused and very unfunny, so until I get refocused and refunny thought I would borrow words from others.  Maybe you are also going through some sort of challenge in your own life.  Hopefully these quotes will help me (and perhaps you) get motivated!

“Words are wind.”

-George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.  And guess what they have planned for you?  Not much.”

-Jim Rohn

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.”

-Victor Kiam

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

-Walt Disney

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

-Zig Ziglar

Hope these words of wisdom help all of those that need them in a moment of self-doubt.

Have a lovely weekend!