Coming Attractions

In the comments of my last post I was reminded by someone who shall remain nameless (*cough*Josette*cough*Holland) that I have strayed from what this blog is about:  My pursuit to get out of debt and get more out of life by spending less (profound, and I think even Ms. Oprah would be proud).  Josette…errrrr…I mean commenter who shall remain nameless is right.  I have been off topic in the last few posts.  First there was writer’s block, then there was cat talk.  So this little lady is getting back on track…eventually.  See the thing is (yes there is a thing) I am now in rehearsals for a play.  My schedule is now work, gym, rehearsals, catch up on Honey Boo Boo on the DVR, and try to sleep while my body is dripping in sweat in a very hot and AC-less house.  This busy schedule is making it very hard for me to make blog time, and I don’t want to post a blog and have it be just…well…”Blahg”.  I do have some ideas swirling in this very freakishly large head of mine (it seriously is BIG).  In the coming weeks I will be posting an update about the credit card debt status, a post concerning love, marriage, and money with your honey, and the most exciting news…wait for it…a VLOG is in the very near future!

Next Week:  The Credit Card Debt Sweats

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