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Fast Food Fast

Love being inspired by others!  I have noticed lately that my cousin Megan looks great. Please don’t misunderstand me, she always looks great and she IS 22 (we all look great at 22…even Taylor Swift had to write a song about it).  Megan has been looking better than normal though.  Her hair is shinier, skin is glowier (yes “spellcheck” I am aware that glowier is not a word so you can keep red underlining away) and her waistline is down.  She also seems to have more energy and just seems happier.  I asked what the heck she has been doing and her answer was no fast food.  That simple.  She gave up those golden arches known as McDonald’s and that redhead with the pigtails known as Wendy on New Year’s Day and hasn’t been back since.

Alright Megan.  You just inspired this girl to give up fast food too…for one month.

August is almost a distant memory and September is fast approaching.  So September will be the month of my fast food fast.  I think it will be easy.  I don’t think I eat that much fast food, but then again I can’t remember the last time I cooked a meal.  Let me check something really quick and I will get back to you….

10 minutes later

Say what???  Just checked online and this household put close to $200.00 on the debit card in fast food purchases alone in the month of August and the month isn’t even over yet!  That doesn’t even count any cash purchases of fast food that were made.  TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That could have paid for the cable AND electric bill…I think I’m officially sick (it could be from the large fountain Dr. Pepper I acquired at Subway today…or it could be the reality of how much money was wasted on junk food).

That is the great thing about life though!  Every day (or month) is full of possibilities and can be a fresh start.  So here are the rules for my September fast food fast:

No eating at any place that has a drive-thru.

No junk food (unless I make it myself…from scratch).

No pop…that’s right, it’s called “pop” not “soda” and if you have a problem with that then move back to California*!

Lastly, no booze (I just died a little inside).

Those are the rules and I will stick to them.  Thankfully September is only 30 days and who knows, maybe this will inspire some of you to give up the junk for a little while too (or at least see how much of your money goes to fast food).  Always want to hear from you so comment below, e-mail me (except for the stalker from Pakistan) or follow me on twitter @frugoal (up to 13 followers).

*written in jest

I NEED YOU (and may or may not steal your ideas)

Yes…you!!  I want to start a new category to my blog about date nights for 2 under $30.00.  My great friend Jossette (jossetteholland) suggested I make it $50.00, but that would be too easy.  This blog is about saving money and going that extra mile in getting out of debt a little faster so let’s make it a tad more challenging with dates for 2 for $30.00.  It can be a date night with your mom, dad, friend, spouse, lover, or cat.  Whatever suits your fancy…or in the case of a date night with your cat: Fancy Feast (because Fancy Feast is a brand of cat food…get it…nevermind).  I have a few ideas, but the more brains that storm the better!  I will of course give credit where credit is due and if I choose your idea it will be blogged about and you and your amazeballs idea will be mentioned (if you also blog, I will have to give your blog a shout out as well…unless I don’t like your blog, then shout out will be revoked).  Extra credit if you come up with specific ideas in the good ole U.S.A (and bonus points if it is in the Eastern Washington/North Idaho area where this blogger may or may not be from).

Comment below with your ideas and input, e-mail me @, tweet me @frugoal, or if you are reading this on my facebook leave a comment for me (pretty please with bacon on top…because quite frankly sugar and sprinkles are overrated)!

Also I just wanted to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to read this blog!  I LOVE hearing from all of my family, friends and fellow folks who reside in this wordpress blogosphere!  People are not only reading the blog, but actually liking it (which is so fantabulous) and constantly coming up to me in person or leaving comments on this blog about their own experiences with debt and how they got out of it or are in the process of trying to get out of it (like me).  Thanks a million!  I also have been nominated for 3 blog awards, which I will write about in a later post, so again…thank you all!!!

When I say “NO” you say…

Why don’t people seem to understand the concept that:  NO means NO?!?!   Maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe when I say “no” it comes across as “yes” or “I’m going to say no at first but keep asking me because I will eventually say yes”.   bmnv        nbwqqqqqq  (grrrr…damn cat just jumped on the keyboard after I told him “No”).  Alright, it must be me!  I am too nice at times (well 3 out of 4 weeks each month anyway).  As a child, manners were imbedded into my vocabulary (saying please too much, overthanking, and apologizing for things that aren’t even my fault are flaws of mine…seriously…I have had actually people complain about this).  As an adult I now say “please”, “thanks” and “I’m so sorry” without thinking at times and kick myself afterwards pondering “Why was I being so nice in a situation that didn’t warrant it?”  An example of this (which conveniently ties into this blog’s theme) is when I went dress shopping for my Grandma Barb’s wedding a few weeks ago.  It must also be noted that the dates, names (except for Sears) and exact words have been changed (not to protect the identity of the innocent, but because it was a few weeks ago and I don’t remember)…I also have added slight drama to the following story so please enjoy:

A long day of shopping had resulted in my hair being askew, bags under my eyes and blisters on these weary feet of mine.  But it was all worth it now that I had THE dress clenched in my hands.  Making my way to the register of the wasteland that is Sears, I was happy and relieved to take my purchase home and go soak my red, sore stubs that were attached to the bottom of my legs.  A woman is there at the register!  Sweet relief!  Very tall (I’m talking 6’3″ tall) with very short blonde hair, she is smiling at me.  I smile back.  She looks like a tall glass of water at the end of a 10 mile walk in the desert.  She is the only one who can help me leave this wasteland so I can go home.

She says, “Cute Dress!”

I say, “Thanks.” (yes I am thanking her for commenting on a dress I haven’t even purchased yet…damn manners)

She asks, “Do you have a Sears Card?”

I respond, “No.”

She says, “You can save 10 percent on your purchase today if you sign up.”

I respond, “No thanks!”  (yes I did say it cheery so the punctuation justifies an exclamation point)

She states, “There is no annual fee and you can use it anywhere.”

I say, “No thank you.” (yep just thanked her again)

She continues to ring me up, and before taking my money, “You should really get a Sears card, you can use it anywhere and there is no annual fee.”

I say, “No, thanks! You are an excellent salesperson, but I’m not interested in one today.”  (Yep, thanked her…again… AND complimented her AND didn’t directly said “no” to the card)

She finally stops with the Sears card and takes my money, but only because another human emerges from nowhere and is also waiting to purchase her findings. 

The End

I know.  There is not a happy ending to this story.

I COULD have told the Sears lady off when she didn’t listen to my first “no”.

I WOULD have said “Listen blondie, if a tree of a woman falls in a Sears and no one is around to hear it, does she make a sound?”  Side note 1:  If anyone encounters this same Sears woman, they have my full permission to use this line.

I SHOULD have said “No means no”.  I have said it to my husband a million times in the bedroom, why can’t I say it in situations like this!!

COULDA, WOULDA, SHOULDA! Side note 2:  “Coulda, woulda, shouda” is also the name of an excellent episode in season 4 of “Sex and the City”  so if you haven’t seen it go check it out, but bring some tissues, it makes me cry at the end every time.

Rantings aside, I just need to be more assertive when these stores want me to open up a card with them!  I need to say “NO” and mean business!  Unless there is some sort of law that says it is perfectly acceptable to pepper spray a salesman that keeps harassing you.  Anyone know of such a law?

I want to hear from you!  Does anyone else have this problem?  Or if you don’t, then what is your secret…tell me!

Grandma is getting hitched and I go dress shopping!

Yes, you read that correctly, my Grandma Barb is finally marrying her long time love Woody (Oh God, get your mind out of the gutter, Woody is his nickname…geez)!  They have been living in sin for years now and are making it official at the end of this month.  It really is a cute story of how they got together.  My grandparents knew Woody and his wife for years and would encounter each other every now and then at social events.  My Grandpa passed away, and Woody’s wife passed shortly after that…sad and not the cute part of the story.  My Grandma was lonely, Woody was lonely…also sad and also not the cute part of the story.  Fate sort of brought my Grandma and Woody back together.  Two lonely hearts who reconnected and became friends who socialized within the same circle of seniors.  Then (finally the cute part of the story) BAM, New Year’s Eve hits and their eyes meet, and friends became lovers…happy!  Wait a sec, forgot I was writing about my Grandma and soon-to-be Grandpa …shudder…let’s move on to the dress shopping portion of this post.  

So my Grandma is getting married  and the wedding is hawaiian themed.  This means I have to find a tropical dress to wear (always an anxiety producing activity).  My Grandma also asked me to sing for her wedding (honored, but now “the dress” stakes have been raised).  Oh wait, my Grandma then tells me she wants me to perform a duet with my cousin Megan.  Oh S*#T!  My cousin Megan who is 10 years younger, “The Megan” who is ten times hotter, and “The Megan” who is ten thousand times tanner than me!  I have to look good now.  Really, really, really good.  Not competing with a 20-year-old good (there is no doubt that her cleavage will be the star of our duet), but classy and beautiful good.  I don’t want to be singing in front of a hundred people looking like a homeless person (my everyday attire by the way) with a Victoria’s Secret model, with 20-year-old cleavage right next to me.  Now that you know what my mission is please choose to accept it and let’s go dress shopping:

First stop, Nordstrom Rack.  My Mom went with me (because moms always let you know if you look good or bad in something) and we both had heard such good things about this store.  We went over to the clearance section and looked at the first price tag…say what?!?!  More like Nordstrom “Rack”et!  Some of these dresses were on clearance for hundreds of dollars.  I looked at the price of one dress I thought was delightful and it was $165.00 marked down from $500.00.  Who are these people who can afford a dress that costs that much?  I want to meet them and make friends with them because if they have that kind of money to blow on one piece of clothing then they probably have a boat, a big boat.  Being on a boat, a big boat, sounds pretty amazeballs right now!  There I go veering off topic again.  Well I did find a cute dress, one that wouldn’t work for the wedding, but I could wear to various holiday functions.  Marked down from $118.00, this little red number cost $34.97 (plus tax of course).


Under $40.00 (sweet) but the dress stress ensues.

We then hit up Old Navy and T.J. Maxx (definitely more like our type of peeps) but found nothing.

My Mom then suggested Sears.  Who shops at Sears?  Well no one shops at Sears which is why they have so much clearance stuff (including dresses)…JACKPOT!  After hunting the clearance/sales racks I found two dresses, both originally $70.00, marked down to $30.00.  Awesome!

This one I loved because it was very becoming to my two “uts”.  You guys and girls know what the two “uts” are, don’t you?  The two “uts” I am referring to are my butt and my gut (and yes I am aware that one utt has two t’s and the other ut has one, but two “uts” is catchier).


This one is the most tropical out of the dresses I bought AND has butterflies (my Grandma’s lifetime obsession with butterflies has taken over her house).  PERFECT!  The color even makes me look a little tan and it gives my two “uts” a little more room to breathe so I can eat and drink the day of the wedding!

IMAG0028_1 - Copy

So what do you guys think…butterfly dress?!  I’m thinking I am saying yes to this dress!

Please comment below (you know I love them), e-mail me, or tweet me @frugoal!