I NEED YOU (and may or may not steal your ideas)

Yes…you!!  I want to start a new category to my blog about date nights for 2 under $30.00.  My great friend Jossette (jossetteholland) suggested I make it $50.00, but that would be too easy.  This blog is about saving money and going that extra mile in getting out of debt a little faster so let’s make it a tad more challenging with dates for 2 for $30.00.  It can be a date night with your mom, dad, friend, spouse, lover, or cat.  Whatever suits your fancy…or in the case of a date night with your cat: Fancy Feast (because Fancy Feast is a brand of cat food…get it…nevermind).  I have a few ideas, but the more brains that storm the better!  I will of course give credit where credit is due and if I choose your idea it will be blogged about and you and your amazeballs idea will be mentioned (if you also blog, I will have to give your blog a shout out as well…unless I don’t like your blog, then shout out will be revoked).  Extra credit if you come up with specific ideas in the good ole U.S.A (and bonus points if it is in the Eastern Washington/North Idaho area where this blogger may or may not be from).

Comment below with your ideas and input, e-mail me @ thefrugoal@gmail.com, tweet me @frugoal, or if you are reading this on my facebook leave a comment for me (pretty please with bacon on top…because quite frankly sugar and sprinkles are overrated)!

Also I just wanted to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to read this blog!  I LOVE hearing from all of my family, friends and fellow folks who reside in this wordpress blogosphere!  People are not only reading the blog, but actually liking it (which is so fantabulous) and constantly coming up to me in person or leaving comments on this blog about their own experiences with debt and how they got out of it or are in the process of trying to get out of it (like me).  Thanks a million!  I also have been nominated for 3 blog awards, which I will write about in a later post, so again…thank you all!!!

31 thoughts on “I NEED YOU (and may or may not steal your ideas)

  1. This idea is so brilliant I had to follow immediately!

    Date with your cat (under $30):
    9 lives soft kitty food – $.89
    Laser pointer – for fun activity $4
    Single serving popcorn – $2
    Movie from red box – $1.50
    Soft drink – $2

    Date night for two (total $28):
    Mini golf – $20
    Slice of pizza – $6
    Large soft drink – $2

    If I come up with more ill share!

    1. You get special secret bonus points for coming up with 2 great ideas so fast!!! Now if I take my cat mini golfing, would that still count as a date night for two?

      1. Yes you’d also get bonus points if they’re willing to leave the house! Mine don’t even like open doors!

        Oh my hubby and I rock the under $30 dates! I have a few more that I’ve racked up:

        Two roller derby tickets – $30 (for two)
        Make a picnic and enjoy while waiting for the doors to open. <— this can work for any inexpensive concert or event – comedy shows are awesome on the cheap!

        Drive-in movie theater:
        $12 for entry
        $27 for snacks at the concession stand

        Let me know if you want something particular!

      2. Bahaha I could still make that work, they would just be dining in experiences!!!

        Redbox it up ($2), single serving popcorn ($2), inexpensive bottle of wine ($6), two burgers and a med fry from McDonalds ($5)

        😀 I’m cheesy cheap and love it

  2. Brooklyn Nights Bowling at River City Lanes! It’s $15 per person for 3 hours of bowling and includes shoe rental! 🙂

  3. Bottle of wine, dixie cups and sitting on a dock at Lake Pend O’Reille under the stars (blanket recommended). Definately under $30 but could have a pretty darn nice bottle of wine…

  4. I posted my ideas on fb, but I will do it here too just to be super thorough.

    Idea #1:
    -picnic- premade sub-sandwich, potato salad and chips with bottle beverage. -about $15 from Walmart,
    -with free concert in the park in cda http://handshakeproductions.net/Free-Concerts-CDA-City-Park.php, -$0
    -then a nice hand holding stroll -$0
    TOTAL -$15.00

    Idea #2:
    -roller skating @ skate plaza $6.50 for 2 people on tuesday nights or at most $14 on other nights. -$6.50-$14
    -then you have $16 left for food and games. I still love skating with my hubby and you can request your favorite songs too! -up to $23.50
    TOTAL -$30 or less

    I know my ideas are late but wanted to put my 2 cents in anyways. I enjoy reading your blogs Ang…even if i don’t always comment. 😉

    1. Thanks Amber! Miss you tons but know that you are doing awesome down south! Love you and love your ideas, have mucho blogging to do now with all the fantastic options!

  5. Why spend money at all? Be tourists in your own city!
    Apple picking in the fall (pretty sure you basically pay for what you pick).
    Drive in movie (a rarity, but amazing. Last I went it was $7 per person for two movies, three on long weekends).

  6. well I think a perfect 10 to 12 $ dinner to go from Two Cooks With Love Catering…(2 people can split one usually)( especially if one people is a cat) then…bike ride…I think to go look at the falls in Post falls….free until you call in medics if you are out of shape…

  7. I like nature so I always suggest finding during the warmer months a park to have a picnic at and then, after a nice long walk, indulge in a reasonably priced iced coffee, milk shake or ice cream cone! Sometimes these are the best ways to reconnect and recharge in life! (friends, children, or dates…all enjoy!)

  8. Hm…for under 30 bucks. How bout sharing a footlong from subway. Never mind the soda, not good for you. 7 to 8 bucks depending on the type.

    Better yet, have a meal at home. Oven roast a skinless chicken breast, split it and make two sandwiches with lettuce and a mixture of mayo,onion powder and just a tad of mustard. Fresh, cheap, and delicious. Jp

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