Fast Food Fast

Love being inspired by others!  I have noticed lately that my cousin Megan looks great. Please don’t misunderstand me, she always looks great and she IS 22 (we all look great at 22…even Taylor Swift had to write a song about it).  Megan has been looking better than normal though.  Her hair is shinier, skin is glowier (yes “spellcheck” I am aware that glowier is not a word so you can keep red underlining away) and her waistline is down.  She also seems to have more energy and just seems happier.  I asked what the heck she has been doing and her answer was no fast food.  That simple.  She gave up those golden arches known as McDonald’s and that redhead with the pigtails known as Wendy on New Year’s Day and hasn’t been back since.

Alright Megan.  You just inspired this girl to give up fast food too…for one month.

August is almost a distant memory and September is fast approaching.  So September will be the month of my fast food fast.  I think it will be easy.  I don’t think I eat that much fast food, but then again I can’t remember the last time I cooked a meal.  Let me check something really quick and I will get back to you….

10 minutes later

Say what???  Just checked online and this household put close to $200.00 on the debit card in fast food purchases alone in the month of August and the month isn’t even over yet!  That doesn’t even count any cash purchases of fast food that were made.  TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That could have paid for the cable AND electric bill…I think I’m officially sick (it could be from the large fountain Dr. Pepper I acquired at Subway today…or it could be the reality of how much money was wasted on junk food).

That is the great thing about life though!  Every day (or month) is full of possibilities and can be a fresh start.  So here are the rules for my September fast food fast:

No eating at any place that has a drive-thru.

No junk food (unless I make it myself…from scratch).

No pop…that’s right, it’s called “pop” not “soda” and if you have a problem with that then move back to California*!

Lastly, no booze (I just died a little inside).

Those are the rules and I will stick to them.  Thankfully September is only 30 days and who knows, maybe this will inspire some of you to give up the junk for a little while too (or at least see how much of your money goes to fast food).  Always want to hear from you so comment below, e-mail me (except for the stalker from Pakistan) or follow me on twitter @frugoal (up to 13 followers).

*written in jest

13 thoughts on “Fast Food Fast

  1. How can I be friends with someone for so long and not know that they prefer to call SODA “pop”…..huh??? Oh that must be why I was exiled to California. It all makes sense now. Hahaha!

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