Extra Bacon to Bad Beer: A Lesson in Karma

Stopped into Subway the other day (yes I know I am on a fast food fast BUT this Subway doesn’t have a drive-thru) and got 2 five dollar footlongs.  One of these sandwiches was for P who wanted extra bacon.  The Subway guy making my sandwiches informed me there would be an extra charge of a $1.50 for the bacon.  I tell him that is “no problem” even though there were, in fact, two problems: 1) P just made a $5 footlong a $6.50 footlong (which does NOT make for a catchy jingle), and 2) His love of extra bacon is going to make me a widow someday.  The Subway guy makes P’s sandwich then made mine.  He rings up the total: $10.60.  He forgot the extra bacon charge. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!  P is happy and so am I.  I know I should have said something.  My parents raised me to be honest BUT this lady just got $1.50 break.  I happily paid the $10.60 and went on my merry little way.  Then I got to thinking, which usually gets me in trouble.  Did I do the right thing?  Should I have been honest about the bacon?  Could Subway have overcharged me at some point in the past and I just got my money back now?

Then that funny little thing that some may call “karma” stepped in.  I get home and notice P dumping a full beer out in the yard (because we are classy like that).  I ask what he is doing.  He then informs me he went to drink a beer that he purchased at the gas station and it was a “bad” beer.  I ask him how much the beer was.  His answer:  $1.50.

This girl can’t catch a break.

So did I do the right thing at Subway?  What would you guys have done?


13 thoughts on “Extra Bacon to Bad Beer: A Lesson in Karma

  1. Ps. I vote for Jesus only because 1. Extra bacon is a crime and 2. Jesus is all about helping you get more money so you don’t have to be cheap. :0)

    1. Let’s set the record straight here. I am not “cheap” I am “thrifty”. Your vote for Jesus was probably the right one! BTW, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog posts. This thrifty gal appreciates it!

  2. You had me at bacon and beer. The title caught my eye. I probably wouldn’t have said anything about the extra bacon charge because I would have been too clueless to notice or do the math.

  3. I really believe in karma! I tend to write about it once every few months! I put that word on the side of the column to remind me that it exists! I am sure that I would have been happy for the forgetfulness of the clerk, but I did catch it one time, when the person found a lower price tag and gave me it for that price. Like you, I later was overcharged and while chatting away did not notice at the second store that day. Once home, noted it was like your case, almost the EXACT AMOUNT added back in on another sales purchase! I tell my kids “Karma will bite you in the butt when you are dishonest!” But sometimes I “catch a break” and no karma (at that moment!) I would not worry though, since you had the direct repayment given, no harm done!

    1. Yes! I seem to always get insta-karma! Thank you for sharing your story and glad I am not the only one who feels bad for being deceitful, but then gets it right back. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Karma found you 😉

    The automated bus fare collection in my city has overcharged me many times and when I’ve brought it up with the bus company all they can do is confirm that they’ve overcharged me but they cannot give me a refund. I wish karma would hunt them down

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