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Saving The Green This Halloween

How many of us spend an obscene amount of money on Halloween costumes each year?  I know I have.  Instead of feeling ghoulish this girl is downright foolish for spending so much on a Halloween costume I will never wear again.  So what is a girl that is trying to save money to do?  Go thrift store shopping!  The thrift stores may provide a much needed Halloween costume this year that won’t break the bank.  My finds?  Well why don’t you have a look for yourself:

For $4.95 this costume is perfect for your little boy or girl. I'm always hearing my friends tell me how cute their kids are they could just eat them.
For $4.95 this costume is perfect for your little boy or girl. I’m always hearing my friends tell me how cute their kids are they could just eat them.
For the low price of $3.95 this costume would be great for a witch, sorcerous, or just a hippie who isn’t into tie dye and is going through a dark phase.
At $5.95 this costume piece works on many levels.  You can be He-Man or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Universe days.  After Halloween you can also just wear this under your clothes and cancel your gym membership.
At $5.95 this costume piece works on many levels. You can be He-Man or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Universe days. After Halloween you can also just wear this under your clothes and cancel your gym membership.
Best find of the day:  Brand new wigs for under $2.00.  Wigs transform any costume.  Side note:  Does the chick on the package look like Leann Rimes to anybody else?
Best find of the day: Brand new wigs for under $2.00. Wigs transform any costume. Side note: Does the chick on the package look like Leann Rimes to anybody else?

Bottom line:  The thrift store is where I am getting my Halloween costumes from now on.  For those of you who get “icked” by the thought of wearing other people’s clothes here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Halloween is only for one day.  You’re only in costume for just a few hours. Is it really worth the money?
  • The costumes at your local thrift store were only worn for a few hours.  Isn’t it worth the money?
  • Save your green this Halloween, because Christmas shopping is just around the corner (ugh…but that is a whole other blog).

Thanks for stopping by! Now go get thrifting!


Hermitifaction: A Poem

Winter is coming and summer is past

Yowzas, this year sure did go fast

The cold nights have now arrived

So it is time for this girl to hermitify

What does the word “hermitify” mean?

To live a life more secluded to save the green

Less boozing and social lunches for frills

Hopefully this hermitifaction will help pay the bills

Don’t worry, this girl isn’t depressed

Just tired of spending money and more tired of being stressed

Thank you so much for stopping by

A truly sad attempt at poetry you can’t deny

But always feel free to leave a comment below

And feel even more free to let me know:

Do you need to resort to becoming a hermit to save the dough?

10 Things Not So Fancy BUT Free

Egads!  Life has a way of deciding to be expensive at inopportune times.  So this gal is sick of talking about money, thinking about money and looking at money.  I even took Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony” off my  workout playlist because it reminded me too much of the word “money”.  Needless to say this blog is not about money (spending or saving it) it is about all things free.

Free.  Nothing is for free anymore right?  Wrong.  I came up with a creative list of ways to bide your time until spending money is an option for fun again.  Until then, I hope this list helps.

1.  Sleep.  Not only is sleep 100% free BUT it is so easy you can do it laying down (bah dum chi).  There is also the bonus of dreaming.  Now dreaming is also free but it comes with a downside.  If it is a good dream, it must come to an end.  If it is a bad dream, then you just don’t have a good night’s rest.  Sleep fits into anyone’s budget.

2.  Daydreaming.  Though this is not as rejuvenating as number 1 on my list it has the perk of you being in the driver’s seat of your daydream.  You can steer your daydream anyway you want.  For instance just today (when I may or may not have been working) I was thinking about the Seahawks.  They are good this year.  Really good.  Just maybe good enough to go all the way.  Oh wait, I am daydreaming and have full control of this situation so they just WON THE SUPER BOWL! Side note to Richard Sherman:  You complete me.

3.  Playing with yourself (oh God, I meant playing “by” yourself not playing “with” yourself, but no judgement if you take it that way).  Spend some alone time with you.  After all, you are with yourself 24/7, so you better get to loving yourself.  Go window shopping, take a stroll, or make yourself a nice bubble bath.  Spend time with you.

4.  Vent to a friend.  Venting to a friend is therapy.  It is always good to stay positive, but sometimes you just have to lay out on the table what is irking you.  It is healthy and normal to “irk”.

5.  Throw a pity party for one.  This one isn’t fun BUT it is free.  I think all of us have those moments when we question what we are doing with our lives.  Self-doubt starts to enter our thoughts and all of a sudden you are the only one who RSVP’d to your pity party.

TMI ALERT: A personal example happened to me a few weeks ago when I was in the midst of being my own worst enemy and thinking to myself that I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough and worst of all not living up to my true potential (just to give you an idea of the incredibly pathetic state I was in I was watching Lifetime’s “The Anna Nicole Smith Story”).  To make matters worse P was in his man cave playing GTA V and I could hear some sort of lady of the night whispering something about baby oil.  Why were the women in GTA V more appealing than me?  Why would he rather escape to a world where women could be controlled with a button vs. being with me and having me bawling my eyes out about all of my insecurities and talk about how much cellulite I have on my…hmmmmm.  I guess I would pick the ladies in GTA V over me after writing this out.  Come to think of it, just ignore this one in the list.

6.  Move.  Psssst.  I have a secret to tell you.  Exercise is free.  There are always a million excuses not to do it ( I think I personally have used all million of them) but if you take the time to just move it is worth it.  Who can’t afford a quick 10 minute walk?  As a matter of fact do some lunges as you are reading this blog.  Get up and get down with your bad self!

7.  Cleaning.  Though 7 is my favorite number, number 7 is not my fave on this list but is free.  Vacuuming “sucks” while your doing it (see what I did there) but it does feel good to have been productive with your day and to look upon a clean house.

8.  Explore your DVD collection.  Currently I am getting lost in Lost.  P has all of the seasons on Blu-ray, but I have never actually watched the show.  Currently I am in the midst of the “black smoke” of Season 2.   So go find an old movie/tv show that is in your basement or garage and get to watching.  Side note:  If anyone spoils the show for me, I swear on all that is Mr. Eko I will go Sayid on your ass. 

9.  Be a kid for a day.  Remember when life was much more simple as a kid?  I know I had to get inventive with things to do with my time, but I remember it was all fun and FREE.  I loved to write and journal.  I loved to belt to Mariah Carey songs and make everything a microphone while serenading myself in the mirror.  I loved to dance and draw and take pictures.  Find that inner child and go be a kid, if not for a day, for just a few hours.

10.  Find the silver lining.  Life happens, bills happen, stress happens, and a huge majority of things happen for a reason.  So when life throws you little things like emergency root canals or needing new tires for a jeep or people spoiling the new Walking Dead episodes on facebook before you get a chance to watch them, just remember someone ALWAYS has it a whole lot worse than you do and just breathe.

Signing off while searching for that silver lining and taking deep breathes,


P.S. Thanks for reading and please, please, please no LOST spoilers.

Fast Food Fast: The Conclusion…Of The Beginning

In case you are new to this blog (welcome back to those that are old to it) I started the month of September with the intention of doing a fast food fast for one month.

You can read all about it here:

And here:

If you don’t want to read my awesome aforementioned posts (if you have already read them may I just write in all caps YOU ROCK), here is the gist:  No fast food, no booze, no pop and no junk food (unless I make it myself) during the month of September.  The ultimate goal for the 30 days: To save some money and maybe lose a few pounds.

Now if you have a calendar nearby you will notice it is October 2.  The 30 day challenge has left the building.  Did I cheat?  What were the results? Am I currently downing a vodka and coke as I am writing this blog post?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  One thing at a time people.  Let’s begin with the whole cheating thing.  Yes.  Okay, I admit it.  I cheated with a coke here, some ginger ale there and I did have a few ounces of wine, some snickers may have sneaked in and can I just exclaim in a melodramatic fashion “DAMN YOU SUBWAY!  DAMN YOU AND YOUR SUBTEMBER!”  With all that being said, or rather written, I am still pretty dang proud of myself.  I could have listened to my inner voice like I had so many times before when she said to me:  “Good going Ang.  You sabotaged yourself and your diet so you might as well go crazy.  Go to McDonald’s.  Go drink a beer.  Go buy yourself a king size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Reese’s Pieces”.  This fast food fast was different.  This time I told that inner voice to “go scratch” (terminology I learned from watching Real Housewives Of New Jersey) and didn’t give in.  I stayed away from McDonald’s fries (my weakness), though I did ask to smell my friend/fellow co-worker’s McD’s fries, and she let me (thanks Sue!).  I even went out to the bar with friends a few nights and I sipped on club soda with a lime.  I didn’t let the fact that I slipped a little be an excuse to go off the rails, which was pretty empowering.

The next burning question on your minds I’m sure:  What were the results?

Even though I didn’t follow my rules to a T and had a few setbacks, there are some definite positives to doing this fast food fast.  Here is the list:

1.  I am down 6 pounds!

2.  My skin is clearer and soft as a baby’s bottom.

3.  My mind is clearer.  I’m pretty sure there are some brain cells that have started to rejuvenate themselves.

4.  The liver is living again.

5.  Saved money…a lot.  Especially by not drinking.  I haven’t crunched the actual total, but the rough estimate is close to $300.00.  No wonder mormons can afford so many kids!

Lastly, am I back to boozing and cruising the drive-thru lanes now that it is October?  The answer:  Heck  to the No.  Finally starting to feel better and who knows?  Maybe I can drop some more lbs. and save more money.

So now that I have answered all of your questions that I thought you would pose to me, I now have one question for you:  Who wants to do this with me?  If you don’t think you can do a whole month, start with just a week, or even just a weekend.  Your wallet will get fatter and your waistline will get smaller.  Anyone?

As always, thank you for stopping by and I love hearing from you so leave a comment below, or e-mail me:, or my twitter handle is @frugoal.

Thanks again!