edeA few things that I have embraced and appreciated this week 2 of YESVEMBER:

  • Going to work early.  Heading to work earlier than most can be quite a challenge at times BUT this time of year you can see some pretty gorgeous early morning skies like this:


  • Arch nemesis-less.  Even though I think it would be super heroesque to have an arch nemisis alas I have not a one.  Sure there are personality traits that I don’t particularly care for, but I can honestly say there is not one person on this earth that I wish would drop off the face of it.  That kind of drama can be saved for the comic books.
  • Common sense.  I am so in love with you if you are a holder of this dying art form. The other night (driving in the rain) visibility was at a low.  Walking towards me, I saw a pedestrian in a reflective vest  and thought to myself in quotation marks “Heck yes, this guy may not be smart enough to avoid walking in a rainstorm but at least he had the common sense to realize that visibility is crappy and he put on something that he can be seen in”.   Good story right?  Well turns out I nearly hit the guy that was to the right of the reflective vest wearing guy who happened to be dressed in all in black!!!  Wouldn’t it make more sense for the guy in the reflective vest to be closer to the road vs. an all in black “Johnny Cash” (or should I say Johnny Crash)?  I know this month is supposed to be about embracing the positive, but come on!  Anyway, since you are reading this blog I KNOW you have common sense so thank you for not going for a walk…in all black…in a rainstorm AND for visiting my blog!



3 thoughts on “YESVEMBER: Week 2

  1. Okay, I’m all caught up! Unfortunately, the practice of hermitification has not led me to such positive places, and I have an arch nemesis, but on a positive note I’m working hard at being your hairy-legged soul-sister! Keep writing and making me laugh!

  2. Thank you so much for taking time out of your Project Runway All Stars marathon and reading my blog (kidding…you know I love you). You have an arch nemesis BUT it solidifies your status as the one and only OGG!

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