The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas (plus sales tax).

Christmas.  A time of year that intoxicates us with its lights and eggnog laced with rum.  A time of year when those catchy Christmas carols dance through our heads far more than visions of sugarplums.  I love Christmas.  So much so that I am going to celebrate Christmas for twelve straight days this year! How?  Just keep on reading…

Everyone on this gal’s Christmas list is bought for except P.  Usually P and myself will spend a minimum of a hundred dollars on each other for Christmas.  This year has to be different because it was a very expensive year in this household.  P got an XBox One, a jeep, an ATV…I will just stop there because I’m sensing that I’m coming across as bitching.  Which I am…just a little.  Side note:  Has anyone seen my Midol?  Anyway, Christmas has to be different this year when it comes to how much money we spend on each other.

Cue entrance of:  The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas (plus sales tax)!

This Christmas season we are each purchasing 12 gifts for each other at…wait for it…THE DOLLAR STORE!  A dash of fun with a sprig of sad.  I actually just got back from my trip to The Dollar Store and P will LOVE his presents (insert evil laugh and creepy stroking of cat here).  We will be celebrating the first day of Christmas tomorrow night so I will posting pics of what delightful gifts we exchange for the next twelve days so please stay tuned.

As always I love hearing from you and actually have some questions that I would love for you to answer:

What is an appropriate amount to spend on Christmas gifts for your friends and family?  Any fun holiday traditions that you do concerning gifts?  Are there any creative ways that you and your family save money during the holidays?

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4 thoughts on “The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas (plus sales tax).

  1. To me, the commercialism of Christmas is beyond out of control! I think if you want to show someone you really care about them, you should do one of two things: either make them a gift,or buy them something that will mean a lot to them without discussing it with them first. But how do you do that, you ask? You listen and they will tell you without you even having to ask!

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