The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: First Day

Season greetings!  In case you missed my last post, P and I are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas by exchanging dollar store gifts.  The results for the first day of Christmas are in (with a special thanks to JuJu and Orville for being my models):

My gift to P:


Who knew The Dollar Store was home to one of his favorite beverages: Arizona Green Tea?! The extra bonus is that his first day gift also rhymes with “a partridge in a pear tree” (and yes, as I am typing this I realize how dorky I am).

P’s gift to me:


Dice. A 10 pack no less. So if anyone knows any dice games out there let me know…because I have 10 of them now. Yep, 10 dice, so be jealous ladies!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned…



4 thoughts on “The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: First Day

  1. Thanks, he can’t keep those paws off of anything! That is the thing about drinking games…a blast when we play them, but we never quite remember how they go when we sober up!

  2. There’s a game that I have played while intoxicated among other things, it was referred to by 2 names: 10,000 or Bullshit . I’m sure 7 can ferret out the rules. Do I get the vibe we’re going to have a game night soon? I miss you! Oh and this idea is brilliant! Getting 12 gifts!!!eeeck (girl scream)

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