The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Second Day

Hello all!  Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far.  P and I had our second gift exchange last night (for those of you that don’t know we are celebrating the twelve days of Christmas by giving gifts from The Dollar Store).  Instead of 2 turtle doves this is what we ended up with:

My gift to P:


A hardback self-help book from Bob Greene.  For those of you that don’t know, Bob Greene is the one who helped Oprah lose weight…again…and again. Like most of us, one of P’s New Year’s resolutions is to drop some lbs. next year.  Who knew I could find such a helpful book for a buck?

P’s gift to me:


A celebrity word find book…volume 62!  Score!!  Though I do not have volumes 1 through 61, I think I will be able to follow what is going on.  Definitely taking this with me the next time I travel.  Extra bonus:  Mariah Carey is on the cover!

Thanks for reading and stop by again tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Second Day

  1. I am REALLY liking this dollar store idea! Especially since the focus is on the adventure and fun found in giving and not on the amount of money spent. Plus, those are some awesome gifts you two are finding!!! Love it.

    1. The gifts couldn’t be more perfect! I really want them all! Do you think they’ll come out with knock-offs of these best sellers so I can afford them? Maybe at 1/2 $1 store perhaps? Or you can always re gift them to me!

  2. I like to try to find unusual gifts and the dollar store, plus thrift stores are great sources. I like the books you “gave” us, as an idea, Bob Greene’s book looks great!

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