Howdy all and HAPPY 2014!

Every new year brings one sure thing:  broken resolutions!  In the past few weeks I have asked several members of my family and friends what their 2014 resolutions are and the most common response was “I don’t make resolutions because I just break them anyway.”  Haven’t we all.  So let’s just rid ourselves of those pesky “resolutions” and make 2014 a great year! Simple.  Sweet.  To the point.

Whether it is treasuring the small things in life, finding love, losing weight, or making a career change, let’s just make a plan and do it.  No matter what 2014 throws at us there are two factors that we can always*  control that can make or break this year:  our actions and our attitude.  I am definitely going to try my best to make my actions and attitude positive ones this year.  First step: Don’t eat the Butterfingers in the cupboard that are currently tempting the crap out of me.

Thanks for reading my first post of the new year and feel free to comment below and share what your goals for 2014 are.


*with the exception of women during “that time of the month”

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