My Big Proclamation!

When I started this little blog over a year ago, I did it with the intention of documenting my journey (I hate how overused the word “journey” is but love the band of the same name) of getting out of debt.  My debt has gone down, but very slowly.  Truth time:  My credit card debt is around the $10,000.00 mark, which is less than it was this time last year but still a vomit inducing number.  With that being typed, I’m going to excuse myself and use the bathroom.

Alrighty, i am back!  I’m just going to put myself out there and make one hell of a proclamation:


Now is the hard part.  How in the hell am I going to crawl out from under a five figure amount of credit card debt?  Well that is what this blog is going to really focus on this year:  My journey (cringe) of credit card debt freedom.  Sure there will be a blog about my cat here or there and mentions of various horrendously delicious reality shows mainly featured on Bravo, but for the most part this blog is going to be about a girl. Just a girl standing in front of her bank statement, asking it to love her.

Hope you all join me on my…oh for the love of God…journey!

Thanks for stopping by,


19 thoughts on “My Big Proclamation!

    1. So glad you are joining me Cindi…and you know me well enough to know that wine is never on hand…it’s in hand. And yes, I am sure there will be a couple of dogcentric posts this year!

  1. Good luck on your path to “credit card debt free-ness.” (Notice I refrained from using the ‘j’ word.) I myself am on a journey to wellness so we are both making our way towards improvement! May we both find success.

  2. I feel your pain. Last year I worked hard to get debt free (almost $10,000) and did it. However, a slow down work wise with a few unexpected bills in the last three months has almost put me back to where I was last year. So, once more unto the (debt) breach. I will get this debt down too. I look forward to hearing about your journey (and tips).

    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! Life tends to always throw those financial curve balls, but I am sure you will be back to a debt free life soon! Thanks for stopping on by (or from the looks of your pic, running by).

  3. Your ambition and willingness to tackle this publicly will carry you to the finish line when it gets rough! In retrospect, so many items on credit cards are past forgotten…so all the things you “want”, they’ll be there later, but odds are, you won’t want them. You will relish in the freedom of debt free living!

  4. I’m going to follow and possible hound for information!… lol

    Have you checked out that Dave Ramsay page yet? –

    I promise I don’t get paid for the referral.. lol. It has just been such a life altering process for us I WANT YOU TO SEE!!

    Also, I look forward to the cat posts! I love the four legged critters myself, though my daughter is allergic to anything that is less furry than a walking carpet so we can’t have one right now 😦

  5. I’ve just discovered your blog in the last few days, and having had a chance to sit down and read some of your posts…… i’m in love! Your blog is honest, and funny, all the makings of a fun way to procrastinate from my work 😀

    1. I have learned the biggest step is to just itemize all of your debt from smallest to largest (the exact dollar amount) and start throwing any extra money at the problem! It sucks, but every time I make an extra $100.00 payment my stress level goes down just a little bit.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

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