Three things I want this January 2014!

If you are one of my regular and faithful readers, you know that this girl is on a very strict budget for 2014.  If you are new to this blog…well howdy…and just to let you know:  I am on a very strict budget for 2014.  With that being stated, a girl can still look and romanticize about a few items she would buy if she weren’t on that strict aforementioned budget.  Here are three things I WANT this month.

1. A crazy cat lady shirt.

I want this shirt!  Who doesn’t love a shirt that is hilariously quirky?  Not to mention a conversation starter with other lovers of felines.

2.  Sad Keanu action figure.

This just makes me happy.  What began as a paparazzi photo of Mr. Reeves in a thoughtful moment at the park has turned into an action figure.  His action figure does such diverse things like sitting in your car and sitting on your kitchen table and even sitting on your desk.  Maybe someday I can splurge on a sad Keanu of my very own.

3.  An inappropriately delicious game!

Special thanks to my brother Mike and his lovely girlfriend Emily for bringing this game to the table (literally) for Christmas Eve festivities.  The best way to describe this game is that it is a very dirty and perverted version of Apples to Apples.  Our family had so much fun being dirty that we went through all of the cards in one sitting.  Highly recommend it to anyone out there who has no issue sinning and then laughing about it.

Those are my three things that I want this month (but I am not allowing myself to buy).  I did provide the links if any of you are interested in getting them for yourself or someone else.  Maybe a blogger who has a birthday in a few months.  Just sayin.

Thanks for reading!

A cat T-shirtless, sad Keanuless, and cards against humanityless Ang

22 thoughts on “Three things I want this January 2014!

  1. This made my day! Funny, quirky and a little bawdy! We are all adults and need to have budget minded fun! (It would be nice to afford a true escape trip, though! Not in my budget, either!) Hugs, Robin

      1. I enjoy window shopping or going with a friend who wants to spend her money on something, helping her choose a fridge, a dress or a pair of pants is fun! I don’t care about my lack of purchases, because we are sharing the day. Good idea, haven’t been out with her recently… But getting my Mom ‘fix’ this weekend! We will have a ball and a chance to ‘get out of town,’ for me, too!

  2. My daughter downloaded Cards against Humanity and we had Staples print it on card stock for $3.50. That’s like one less latte this month. We had fun playing it. It is so twisted! 25 year olds were more embarrassed than the 58 year olds.
    It was great!

    1. That happened with us too! My Mom and Aunt were just mortified while the rest of us were having one hell of a time! May have to download it ($3.50 is very much within my budget).

  3. Just an fyi for you but you can download and print out a cards against humanity set for free! We coulsnt find out to buy so we printed it out on cardstock and cut it out our selves 🙂

  4. I’m old so i get kinda mortified with Cards Against Humanity. Our kids all play it together and find it completely hilarious. But they know Mom and Dad aren’t really into that sort of thing so they play different games when we’re around.

    But there’s just as interesting (and, um slightly less… vivid) game that my hubs and I introduced to the kids last month: Scruples. It’s an older game and might be out of print by now. But it falls in between CAH and Would You Rather. I suspect you’d find it fun and your parents find it tame enough to play. (Although, if they’re not really very open about sex, you might have to cull a few cards from the deck first.)

  5. Never heard of the Cards against humanity business – I’m currently outraged with our current governments treatment of asylum seekers escaping torture – should I give the game a miss? lol

    Love the cat shirt! #Awesomeness

    I’m feeling very concerned about the Keanu Figurine.. lol (weirdness maybe)

    Maybe not.. GOODNESS me I loved that man in the Lake House!


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