I watch a woman on a regular basis.  Okay, that sounds creepier than it actually is.  Let me start over: I look longingly at a woman every morning with unabashed envy…crap.  Is it just me or am I sounding very reminiscent of Hedy in “Single White Female”?  Please allow me to explain before you judge me (and turn me in to the proper authorities).

I work in a very lovely office with LOTS of windows.  It lets in the natural light, but it provides quite the temptation for distraction.  A few months back I noticed an attractive woman in an even more attractive red pea coat walking through the parking lot.  It was obvious that she was walking to work.

Then I saw her and her fabulous coat the next day.

Then the next day.

Then it was Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t see her.

Then on Monday I saw her again.

Then again.

Then again.  By the way, I am fully aware that you got the point three lines ago, but I am procrastinating on where to begin my next paragraph, so bare with me.

Then again.

Then again. Okay, I’m done now.

So watching the gorgeous red coat with a girl in it got me thinking on how lovely it would be to walk to work.  How much money could I save if my feet, instead of my car, were my transportation?  Being credit card debt free by the end of the year could easily be within my reach.  However, living so far outside of town does not make that a viable option.  Boo.

So I watch the woman who walks to work with envy.  Why?  The answer is simple:  Cars are a LOT of maintenance, and by “maintenance” I mean “money”.  I do love my car, who I affectionately refer to as Napoleon.  Napoleon gets decent gas mileage and is fairly reliable for the most part.  The only thing about Napoleon is he constantly has his “check engine” light on.  It is a tad bit annoying to say the least.  I assume it is nothing, just one of his “quirks”.  I have had him for nearly a decade and his “check engine” light has been on for most of that time on and off.  Before I go into the check engine light saga any further, let me back “pedal” a little bit (pun very much intended).

So January started off promising for Operation:  Get out of Credit Card Debt in 2014 (side note:  I realize the operation name has zero pizazz, so if you come up with anything more pizazzy let me know).  All of the bills got paid AND there was even some extra money left over that I was planning on using for an extra credit card payment.  Success, right?  Not so fast because P took both cars in for an oil change (which we had budgeted for), but Napoleon’s “quirk” was discovered.

Back to that “check engine” light.  Turns out Napoleon couldn’t control his “temper”ature and his thermostat was out (part of me wants to give myself a pat on the back while simultaneously punching myself in the face for that joke). Bad jokes aside, it’s winter and it had to be fixed.  The cost:  Well with the part plus labor it totaled almost exactly the “extra” amount of money that I had planned to pay for the credit card.

So woman with the red jacket, you walk girl.  You walk.

Thanks for listening,


20 thoughts on “AutoMO’BILLS

  1. When I lived in California, I used to bike to work often. Now, I live about 5 miles from my office, so I’ve given some thought to jogging to work, but there’s the whole issue of needing a shower once I got there. It is tempting, and if I hadn’t sold my bike when I got divorced, I would consider biking in the spring and summer…

      1. I hope you won’t be shy about coming back, if you like true vintage. My blog is not about selling – it’s about showing. I publish a photo from my own closet every day and love to share. Keep up the sense of humor – I can see it in your face and everyone needs a good belly-laugh at least once a day!

      1. *snort* See that’s gonna be a problem. I just cannot look at people who are funny without this childlike fangirl look on my face. I don’t have a funny bone in my body, which is maybe why i appreciate so much those who do. You’ll have to allow the occasionall “Squeeeee!” from me. 😉

  2. lol *Snorks* amusing beat around the bush till you got the point….

    I concur, quite a bit of money could be saved if you foot falconed to work (is it actually within reasonable walking distance)

    Have you ever read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make Over? Fantastic book that provides some really good insights for getting out of debt. MY entire family ic currently working through it and despite having about $50K worth of combined debt, we have worked out we will able to pay it off by the end of next year! We have been following the recommendations and Debt Snowballing for about 2 months now and have already cleared a substantial amount of debt 🙂 <- in case you want to check it out!

    Great post! I hope napoleon comes good soon eh!

    P.s: Mr Ramsey also discusses having a $100 emergency fund saved up before doing anything else!


  3. My love, you’re back! I needed the smiles you provided. Your operation name should be something totally funny and unrelated, like Operation: pulling up stakes, or Operation: peacoat. Uhh, I don’t know but you’re the funny one you’ll come up with something.

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