Lessons Learned From A Half-Assed Blogger

This Saturday morning I came to a very simple realization:

I have been doing this blog half-assed.

In order to make this blog a true success I need to lead the charge with my full ass.  After all, what you get out of any aspect of your life is what you put into it.  Sure there are people out there who are given things, but I am not one of them (and I am sure you are not one either).

So here are my Saturday morning musings on making this blog better:

  • Start taking notes from the blogs that I love to read each week.
  • Incorporate more pics to make for a more aesthetically pleasing blog post.
  • WRITE MORE!  With a full-time job it is hard to get off my butt so I can walk into my office and go get on my butt in front of the computer and write.  There are a million thoughts running through this ten pound head of mine, so this is a fantastic forum to get these thoughts out of my head and into internetland. That’s it!  I just talked to myself into making a blogging schedule:  From now on I am writing Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Remember when Saturday mornings were all about watching cartoons versus beating yourself up about your blog?!  I miss those days…and Looney Tunes.

Do any of my fellow full-assed bloggers have tips for this gal?  Please share them in the comments below!

Happy Saturday morning all! Off to go find some cartoons on TV.

Thanks for reading,


11 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From A Half-Assed Blogger

  1. I think you identified two very important things to make your blog fully assed: write regularly and include a picture in every post. The third thing to help your blog is to visit, like, and comment on others blogs. People will reciprocate and your blog will get regular traffic. I’m not sure if my blog is fully assed, but that’s what I’ve learned.

  2. No tips, but I’m another of you. I thought I was just lazy or uninspired or unmotivated in my blogging, but, now I realize that I’m also a half-assed blogger! Now that I know my true identity, I, like you, will be making the appropriate changes to my technique! And I miss those Looney Tune cartoons, too!

  3. I go to the library and always have a post ahead saved in my Drafts. If I come across more than one thought, I will start another post, leave it in that same location waiting for my thought ‘to finish.’ Someone mentioned this to me when I was ‘brand new,’ I was so grateful for the idea! Don’t feel overwhelmed! You have to have a life, too! Smiles, Robin

  4. Imma 1/4 assed blogger.. not even that. In fact I think I might be a 1/16 assed blogger lol…

    Hardly ever here, finally get here.. tornado comment a bloggie and then get whisked away by life and then don’t visit for 3 – 6 months. *slumps*

    Or Or…

    I’ll write a blog, then it will take me 17 days minimum to respond to comments.


    1/16 assed blogger

    1. Lol! It is so difficult to write on a consistent basis for me. I always want to write a masterpiece and only inspired posts BUT people only start visiting your blog on a regular basis if there is new content. I have to learn that blogging is more about quantity not quality…which is hard.

      1. I agree – Yes to quantity, not so much to quality and I think the most important part of blogging is the interaction with other bloggers. If you are developing relationships with people and have that personal connection, then it is likely that they will take the time and effort to visit you, no matter what you are writing (within reason).. lol

        I’ve written half assed blogs or fleeting thoughts that make up 2 – 3 lines (unusual) and they have ended up with the most interaction!

        If you are OCD with your writing (I have a history of writing policy and training frameworks) it makes it hard to let go and just type anything…. more freely…

        Oh look, there goes another typo!! *snorks*.. lol

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