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Three things I want this April 2014!

This whole “not spending money thing to get out of debt” really sucks sometimes, especially with so much cute eye candy on the internet.  Here are three things I have my eye on this month:

1.  A bawdy bookmark!


2.  Some Walking Dead swag!


3.  A Birchbox subscription!


Oh well, a gal can dream!!

I did want to give you an update on one of my “three things I want this January 2014” post (

My awesome brother-in-law Tim surprised me with Cards Against Humanity!!!


Thanks for being awesome Tim!

P.S.  To all of you ladies out there looking for love, Tim is single and very much ready to mingle.

Thanks for stopping by guys,

Now off to go have a very frugal Saturday!




A Little Game Called “Just The Tip”.

Hello All!

So how many of you struggle with eating out?  Okay, that sounds dirty.

Let me start over.

How many of you struggle with the tip?  How much?  How little?  Still sounds dirty.

One more time.

When receiving any sort of service from another person, what is the appropriate amount of money to give the person who has serviced you?  DAMMIT!

Let’s just make this as simple as possible.

How much is the appropriate amount to tip a server when dining out?

It is common knowledge that a 15% tip is the standard, but I have friends and family that tip 20%-25% without even batting an eye.  Am I the only diner that gets anxiety about tipping the appropriate amount and running through all kinds of variables to ultimately fill out the tip line on the bill?  Here is a few examples of some of the questions that race through my mind when tipping:

Was my drink constantly full or was I parched throughout my meal?

Did the food come at the appropriate time?

Did the server check in on us?

Did the server check in on us too much?

Did I have a great experience?

Was the server’s attitude that of awesomeness or a little douchey?

And the last question always is:

Does the server deserve a standard 15%, or a tad more or a tad less?

Side note:  Does the 15% tip include the total amount of the meal AND tax?   I always include the tax, but should I be?

I want to hear your thoughts on this.  So please comment below, or e-mail me or share your tips about tipping on twitter @frugoal.

Thanks for reading and please, please, please give me your input.  Happy weekend and may the tipping forces be with you!



Three things I want this March 2014 (Crazy Cat Lady Edition)!

I love cats (okay, really just my cat), and here are three things feline that I wish were mine!

A cat rug!

Adorable cat rings!