Cheers to you!

Yesterday was just a typical Tuesday.  Went to work and did the typical Tuesday workload, then attended a very typical Tuesday pilates class then headed on home.  Once home though, something not so typical happened.  Hopped on my computer to check out the daily celebrity gossip...errrrr…I mean…world events and global politics that are super important for smart people (like myself) to be very knowledgeable in, and while taking a break from all of the “thinking/learning” I was doing, I checked my blog stats.

Finally I am getting to the point and the “not so typical Tuesday” part of this story:


500 may not seem like a huge number, but it is to me.  It means 500 of you took the time to read one of my blogs and like it (or love it) enough to click that little “follow” button to get more updates.  So this blog is just a huge thank you note to you.

So go grab a beverage and let me make a toast:

Just to be clear, this is not an actual picture of me. This woman has a tan and the wine glass has no smudges. The wine also is missing ice cubes and a straw (which is how I roll).

To my all of you that read this blog,  

You have taste that is impeccable,

a sense of humor that is respectable,




how do I finish this toast with a word that rhymes with “impeccable” and “respectable”?

Oh to hell with it!

Plan B Toast:

Here’s to those who wish me well,

and those who don’t can go to hell

Cheers to you!

Thanks again to all of you reading this.  You are the peanut to my butter!

Tune in tomorrow for an all new blog in my 93 days of blogging this summer!

Much love,



14 thoughts on “Cheers to you!

  1. Love your writing style! My favorite part of this post was when you described getting on your computer “to check out the daily celebrity gossip…errrrr…I mean…world events and global politics.” That made me laugh! Congratulations on 500 subscribers — make that 501, because I just followed you now too! 🙂

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