Fried Day!

It is Friday (a.k.a. my brain no want to thinky no mo’).

Despite my friedness on this Friday, I did want today’s blog to be a recommendation for any of you who have a little time to kill this weekend and have access to Netflix.  Watch:

Tiny_KeyArt-728x1024Tiny:  A Story About Living Small!

I initially put this on my instant queue a few weeks ago under the assumption that it was a documentary that I could relate to.  The name led me to believe that it was a documentary about the trials and tribulations of small chested women.  Women with A and B cups dealing with day-to-day life and the heartache of frequenting ladies’ nights at their local bars only to be rejected by men and have to ultimately pay for their own drinks.

I realized though, just a few minutes into this documentary, that Christopher Smith (the director and narrator of the film) was not a small chested woman at all, but in fact, a 30 year old man who decides to settle down, buy some land and build a teeny tiny house.  I won’t give away the rest of the documentary, or else why would you want to watch this flick?  Right?

This documentary really got me interested and slightly intrigued with the idea of living in a small house.  Picturing me and my husband, our dog and cat, mortgage-free in a 150 square foot space.  Living simply and having the entire outdoors as our living room.

Then I started thinking about the whole “toilet” situation.

More importantly the whole “what happens on the toilet” situation.

Most importantly the whole “what happens when my husband is using the toilet” situation.

Then the idea of sharing a 150 square foot space with my hubby lost all of its allure.

Ultimately, I DID really fall in love with the aspect of living more simply.  It has inspired me to start sorting through all of my clutter and “stuff” and stripping down my life to just the items I love and need.

Seriously, check out this documentary and let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging this summer challenge!

Just look at how excited this baby is about my challenge

51768182 (1)

This baby “memes” business (c’mon, now that is an adorable joke),


18 thoughts on “Fried Day!

  1. Well there, see?! I must have known you were watching that! Why else would I suddenly start cleaning out a closet. emptying and eliminating a storage box, completely out of the blue with no plans to clean today at all?

  2. That is awesome Cindi! Great minds think alike, though I didn’t clean. I drank a glass of wine (but cleaning did cross my mind, but the wine got in the way).

  3. Somehow, I have read about this smaller choices for living quarters! I even saw a house where the people sit on their bed, to watch t.v., use their computer and also, of course, sleep on. This was not due to economic situations, as this film will demonstrate, but a personal choice. I am intrigued by the film, don’t have netflx, but will see if my local library has this, when I get home from being on Vacation at my Mom’s! Hugs, this is ‘right up my alley!’

  4. I’ve seen this! Okay, I’ve seen the title and thought, “Hmmm, I should watch this.” I’m thinking the same thing now, except I think I actually WILL watch this with the hubs tonight. We have dreams of doing this (dreams of living small, not of watching documentaries), and then we realize that we’d probably learn that we actually despise one another…or that our primal survival instincts would kick in and we would end up eating our young or whatever.

  5. Oh, gosh…can totally relate to this:

    “Most importantly the whole “what happens when my husband is using the toilet” situation.

    Then the idea of sharing a 150 square foot space with my hubby lost all of its allure.”



  6. I’ve watched this and it really does make you think. I could definitely do this if it was just myself, but not with a family or even just my husband, lol.

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