Cleaning out my closets

Sex-and-the-City-4Officially broke until payday so it is time to get creative with how to bide my time until the money is flowing again.

Enter my newest household project:

Cleaning out the tragedy that are my closets (Carrie Bradshaw would be disgusted with me).

Time to rid myself of all of the clothes I no longer wear and fit into.

Will post pics throughout the next couple of weeks (trust me, it will take that long) to show you my progress.

Sorry this post is short, but it is about 100 degrees in my house, the dog just ate an entire box of cat treats, and my honey just walked through the door…gotta love life!

See ya back here for an all new blog tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Cleaning out my closets

  1. Oh, good luck! I recently cleaned out my closets too, only I should have gotten rid of and donated more stuff than I did….it’s so hard, but so worth it for the extra space and the time you’ll save finding things you’re looking for. Extra kudos to you for doing it in this heat! Will be looking forward to the updates; I think they’ll inspire all of us to do this, too!

    1. Thank you! Going to be a hot one this weekend so we will see how far I get, starting on Saturday. Congrats to you for clearing out the clutter!

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