More than skeletons


Earlier in the week I talked about my newest home project:  Cleaning out the clutter of my closets.  Though I haven’t officially started the project yet, I did want to share with you the before pics.  Why?  Because why not?

I started this blog to really face my demons when it comes to my finances.  A big part of why my finances are such a mess is from overspending on “stuff”.  “Stuff” like clothes I never wear, books I never read, and home decor that my house is still waiting to be “decored” with.  The girl in my twenties is still storing her shit in my house and I am over it!!!!

So here are the skeletons in my closet in all of their untouched glory.

Warning:  These images are extremely graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some of my readers.  Viewer discretion is advised.


I know you can’t unsee what you just saw, but this blog is all about brutal honesty with myself.

It’s time.

Time to clean out the past and live in the present.

Time to rid myself of all of the items that I no longer wear.

Time to stop holding onto clothes that I may “fit into again” someday.

Time to realize these clothes are just reminders that I have gained 15 pounds.  Reminders that whenever I see these clothes I see failure and I’m not a failure, damnit.  I am trying.

Time to kill those damn clothes that keep screaming at me “haha, nice try, but you still can’t squeeze that fat ass into me”.  I’m suffocating them by stuffing them into bags and taking them to their final resting place in the form of my local Goodwill.

It’s officially 7:06 A.M., time for this gal to get going on her day.

Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge!



4 thoughts on “More than skeletons

  1. Wow. This is so me. Every bit of it. I have jeans that I’ve been hanging on to for TEN.YEARS. I know I’m never going to have the ass of a 22 year old again… but I just can’t let go. I’ve been going through the process of purging too. You’ve inspired me. I need to kick it up a notch!!

  2. Thanks Laura!! It is crazy the amount of crap I have held onto…this is going to be an insane project but well worth it. Good luck to your purging!

  3. Whoa! That’s scary! hehehe. Good luck on the organization project. I did this to my closet earlier this year and it felt so good. Getting rid of things and finding ways to store and organize the things that you do keep felt like good riddance. There’s tons of awesome storage stuff and helpful organization containers at the container store. SUCH a life saver. Can’t wait to see the after shots 🙂

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