Yogag Me

Had a rough weekend. It was fun, but rough.  Drank way more than I should have. My body feels awful so starting today I am back off the booze.

ba65dbbb742b0f6a88bd1229580967a1Decided to start my week off right with some yoga. Proud of myself for going but I had the worst (I know this is tmi) gas ever. The kind that you can’t stop from seeping out. The quiet but deadly kind. My apologies to the woman who made the unfortunate decision to place her mat behind me.

I also felt nauseous through the entire class. The “I can’t put my head down to do downward dog because I am going to not only be the girl with farting throughout the class but also the girl who loses her lunch all over this mat” kind of nausea. Ugh. It was very evident I was sweating out the weekend’s liquid mistakes.

But at least I made it to yoga.  I felt like crap, but I went.


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