Old Habits Die Hard

It was one very fun yet very expensive weekend. Old Ang and P went out  on the town and spent money stupidly.  help-me-im-poorThe new and improved versions of Ang and P are now  paying for it.  Here is a glimpse at our mindset this weekend:

Plenty of food at home? Nah, let’s dine out FOUR times!!

$6.00 beers at the baseball game? Sounds like a completely reasonable price.  We will have 4 each please.

Sold out of the normal showing of Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, we will just go to the next 3-D showing and spend $28.00 for two people to see a movie (the movie was awesome by the way).

Needless to say, this gal has an upset stomach and a throbbing headache after looking at her bank account balance this morning.

Hope all of you had a more frugal weekend than we did!



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