What I want this August 2014: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Anyone that knows me well knows that Sex and the City is my all time favorite show and Carrie Bradshaw is my all time favorite fictional female character.  In fact I am such a HUGE Sarah Jessica Parker fan that when we brought home our pup Scully from the shelter last week I wanted to name her Carrie Brad “paw” or Sarah Jessica “Bark”er (P quickly vetoed both names by telling me they were the “worst names ever invented by anyone”).

Well, if I can’t name a dog after my beloved SJP, I would at least love to have her in my life by way of her style.  single_girlThe fan girl in me came out BIG time when I found out she designed a delicious shoe line available at Nordstrom stores this past spring.



Here is a clip from The Wendy Williams Show where SJP discusses it.



When I hopped online to buy a pair, my inner fan girl quickly retreated once I learned of the retail prices.  carrie-bradshaw-debe-dinero1Paying several hundred dollars for a pair of shoes just isn’t realistic at the moment.  Maybe once the credit card debt is gone, the student loan debt is caput, and the jeep is paid off I will be able to indulge and walk in Ms. Parker’s shoes.  Until then, here is the link to catch a  glimpse at her pre-fall collection for Nordstrom:


And here are a few pics of a few of my faves!



Ahhh, you’re welcome for the Saturday morning eye candy!

Have a beautiful weekend!






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