Monday Morning Meltdown

P has been putting in long hours at the office lately so I have been playing single mom to Orville (the cat),  Juju (the dog), and Scully (our newest dog).  How you moms out there do it with babies of the two legged variety is beyond me.  Mad props to you.

Monday-is-commingHere was my Monday morning (mind you I have to leave the house by 6:30 to make it to work by 7):

Woke up at 5:15 A.M.

Took the dogs out.

Trolled on the internet until 5:45 when I had to feed my furry babies.

Gave each dog their meds (Juju has an infection on his paw, Scully just got fixed).

Got dressed.

Started to pack a lunch.

Orville throws up (which I am realizing cats do often).

I clean it up.

Grab a peach to throw in my lunch.

Orville throws up again.

I clean it up.

By now it is after 6 and I have abandoned the preparation of my lunch to pull my hair up and brush my teeth.

Scully follows me into the bathroom.

As I am trying to pull my disheveled self together, Scully throws up.  Since she is wearing the cone of shame from her surgery, it is mildly amusing since her vomiting has an echo but equally heartbreaking…

I clean it up.

Back to my mess of a woman.

Scully throws up again.

Now I am legitimately getting worried.

I clean it up.

It is now time for me to leave for work and I am having a nervous breakdown about my Scully girl.

She starts to get sick again and I am able to get her outside where she proceeds to empty out the contents of her entire stomach by throwing up an additional 6 times.

Juju decides to feast on this, which made me almost want to throw up.

Ended up leaving a message for my boss telling him I would be a little late for work.  How could I leave such a sick girl?  I ended up calling my mommy crying.  Yes.  Every grown woman calls her mother “mommy” when she really needs her.  My mom was awesome and checked on Scully throughout the day!  And she is back to her sweet puppy self.

I made it to work just a few minutes late but I looked something like this:


Yep!  It’s Monday!


P.S. Orville is good too.



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