Friday Night for a Thirtysomething

MjAxMy0zOGE4ZDQ3OGFlZjExODE1_50fa1465a150fMy 20s were spent going out EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY NIGHT. Now that I am in my early 30s, I am thoroughly enjoying spending Friday evenings in.  I opted out of going out tonight and decided to JUST STAY IN.

Instead of dinner at an overpriced trendy restaurant, I am enjoying an “Amy’s” frozen meal.

I am watching “Newlyweds:  Nick and Jessica” season 2 (it’s ok, you can judge) instead of paying $10 to see the latest blockbuster movie.

As I sit here writing this blog, I am enjoying a glass (or two) of modestly priced red wine with my dogs by my side rather than hanging out with my friends at a club where the music is too loud to have a conversation.

At 30, this is what a perfect Friday night consists of for me:

Yep.  Some may think my Friday night is officially “lame”  but I couldn’t be more content.

Hope all of you out there are enjoying your Friday night as much as I am.



18 thoughts on “Friday Night for a Thirtysomething

  1. Sounds like a pretty nice Friday night. I went to a party, saw a band and I’m home by 11 and probably won’t be hungover. Being a grown up isn’t too bad. Have a great weekend!

  2. Not lame at all! I work until 11 PM and my nights when I get out of work consist of watching Chopped, Kitchen Nightmares, or Teen Mom. I love staying home, I have lost friends because of this, I couldn’t care less, I acted 30 something at 25. 🙂

      1. It just makes me happy to watch others drama than deal with it in my personal life, if I could, I would never leave my apartment.

  3. Quiet, simple things are good for the soul. We’ll have to have a discussion later about Netflix though 🙂 Hey, the sweet Purina video stuck at the bottom of your blog was very fitting. Yes, I click on the sponsors from time to time. Support to keep you blogging!

    1. Thanks Cindi! It kind of upsets me that WordPress makes readers subject to commercials, but it is a free blogging site and they need to make money somehow. I LOVE alone time and allows have, just cherishing it more the older I get.

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