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Turning Over A New Leaf

My 93 days of blogging challenge is dead and gone now.  I was a few blogs short but for the most part I posted a blog each day of the 93 days of summer.  Decided to ring in autumn by taking a week off of blogging but now I’m back baby.  The leaves are changing and so is my attitude about, well, everything.

182114378651621419SUAX0HOvcTime to get healthy in mind and body.

Time to start feeling appreciative for everything that I have.

Time to let go of the past and keep moving forward.

Time to silence the negative voice in my head and crank the volume on the positive thoughts instead.

Time to turn over a new leaf.

Much love to all of you that read this blog on a regular basis!  Got a LOT of projects planned for this fall and can’t wait to share them with you.


When Orville Met Nicki

I already posted this on my instagram and twitter but had to repost one last time for all of my blog readers.

When I came home from my Body & Soul class Thursday night I had the song Anaconda in my head so I decided to pull up the music video.

Midway through the song I heard my cat letting out a noise that very much emphasized the “Ow” in “meow” and this was his facial expression:

IMAG1052_1 (1)


I can see the terror in his eyes, can’t you?

He has been a total dick to me since…



Paper Hike

Let me first apologize to all of you for being absent for a few days.  P and I are transitioning from 2 home offices to 1 so my computer has been down.

So what have I been up to besides going to the hottest local restaurants (Denny’s) and canoodling with a gorgeous man in bed (my dog).

This is the first weekend in recent memory where we don’t really have any plans SO I decided to take on organizing ALL of the papers in our house (bank statements, tax info, junk mail, old college essays, etc.).

IMG_1841 (1)It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I actually have mail that has accumulated over years that I have been putting off going through.  The result?  Boxes and boxes of random paper that is now a very daunting task (much worse than what this picture shows).  It’s a paper trail that has turned into a very long and winding paper hike.

I just need to channel the type A personality that I know is deep down inside of me….right after I finish this cookie for breakfast.

Do any of you have a killer organization system for your household receipts, tax documents, and bank statements?  Let me know!


If I were to win the lottery tomorrow (a story in pictures)

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow and I were to win a sum of around 100 million dollars I would:

Buy some Manolo Blahniks so whenever I put them on I would feel like Carrie Bradshaw!

Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby Rhinestone Buckle Silver Sandal

Get a maid who looks like Carrie Bradshaw so P won’t be tempted to have a love child with her (P does not find Sarah Jessica Parker attractive AT ALL but I happen to fancy her).

sarah jessica parker messy house 2

Hire a driver who calls me Ms. Daisy (even though my name is Ang).


Obligatory vanity item:  Get laser hair removal.


Take all of my friends to an all inclusive excursion to Mexico (of course we will look this sexy too)!


Have a beautiful piece of property and build a cabin in the middle of it surrounded by a moat and a draw bridge (and yes, Ocarina of Time was my inspiration).


Host a huge festival on said property and invite people like Lindsay Lohan, Andy Dick, Kanye West, Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl to come  sing/act/perform stand-up and call it “Misunderstood Stock”.


Speaking of Charlie Sheen, with my remaining “winning”s I would get out of debt, my family out of debt, start a no kill animal shelter, donate to my fave local charities which would get me recognized by my community who would name a street (with my urging of course)  which would bring awareness to an ailment I suffer with along with countless others:  Irritable bowel syndrome.


It’s good to have dreams.  Now I just need to start playing the lottery.






A little namaste for a Monday

Just got home from yoga class.  A time for relaxation and self-reflection.

Oh how I wished I looked like this in yoga class


Or this


And definitely this


And finally the icing on the cake (and in lingerie no less)


But alas, I look like this.

Dance Class Fall

Have to remember that there is no ego in yoga.


Sunday Quotes: Let Me Do Me And You Do You

As I am learning with age and experience some people are just never going to “get me” and there are some people who I will never “get”.  Deep breathes into the next week to have more tolerance for those that I need to have more patience with.

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!  I did (minus the Seahawks getting schooled by San Diego).


Back on ice

Just when I think P and I are making progress when it comes to our spending, the realization kicks in that old habits do, in fact, die hard.

For those of you who don’t know our sordid history with credit cards here is the condensed version:

on-phone-with-credit-cardBoy meets girl.

Boy and girl date on and off for 7 years before eventually marrying.

Boy and girl start using credit cards to pay for things they want but can’t actually afford.

After 3 years of marriage, boy and girl discover that they have racked up over $12,000.00 in credit card debt alone.

Boy and girl consolidate debt at a much lower interest rate and start to see their credit card debt go down as well as their blood pressure.

Well that is the story thus far which looked like it was on its way to having a happy ending, but we all know that looks can be deceiving.  The boy and girl in this story recently decided it would be a bright idea to have a credit card in each of their wallets in case of an emergency.  While paying bills this week, I (aka “the girl”) checked to see if we had a balance on our credit cards and we did:  We racked up charges in two months to the tune of OVER $900.00!!!!


Some of the charges were on items we discussed putting on the credit card because we could justify taking it out of our savings/home fund(a few household expenses and P’s work clothes for his new job).  However, a majority of the bill was on a bunch of little things that we should not have been putting on a credit card (food, gas, nights out with friends, etc.).

tumblr_mh71i0wldt1rdld7ao1_r1_500We now have nearly a thousand dollars to deduct from our savings (money that was going to go to landscaping our front yard) to pay the credit card bill, because it will be a cold day in hell before I add another cent to our already existing credit card debt.

Needless to say, today we are putting all of our credit cards in a container of water and sticking it in the freezer.





Is 64 my number?

Just came to the realization that I have 64 followers on twitter and 64 likes on my facebook page…weird.

I think the universe is telling me that out of 7 billion people only 64 of you “get” me.

To be honest, that number is higher than I thought it would be.

If you would like to “get” me too you can click on the links below or  on the right side of your screen!




On second thought the number 64 is associated with some good things:  Nintendo 64,  The Beatles song “When I’m Sixty Four” and in 1964 Dr. Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Never mind, don’t follow me or like my page, 64 is where I am staying!

My Lesson From 9/11

This morning I woke up at 3:30 A.M.  Waking up this early is not unusual for me but what I did next was.  I didn’t immediately try to go back to sleep or turn on the dull droning noise of an old episode of Seinfeld to lull me back into the bliss of unconsciousness.  I opened my eyes and took in the moment.

Instead of the sound of P’s snoring annoying the shit out of me, I found comfort in the fact that P, the man that I was lucky enough to find on this earth to love, was sleeping soundly next to me.

Instead of kicking two of my animals off the bed for leaving me thismuchroom to sleep, I listened to them breathing (not in a “crazy cat lady” way, in a “I am so blessed that these furry babies found their way into my life” kind of way).

Today always stirs up the all too vivid memory of where we were when 9/11 happened.  It was beyond tragic and gut-wrenching and it is very difficult to focus on anything but the tremendous loss that was felt 13 years ago.

After the mourning and life returned to the “new normal” for all of us, lessons start to be taken from it.

The lesson I took was simple:  No day is promised.  Savor and be thankful for every morning you wake up on this beautiful earth.

I don’t live by this rule every day.  Some days are just hard to get through and you can’t wait for them to be over but September 11 isn’t one of them.  It is the one day each year that I am very aware of all of the good that surrounds me.

Hope you all take a few minutes today to find some good in your world!