5 things I LOVE that are FREE!

No matter where you are at financially, there are free things aplenty in your life that bring you joy.

Here is my list of not 1, not 2…but 5 things I currently love that are FREE!

  1. Yoga cat 003Yoga.  Who knew that concentrating on something as simple as breathing could make you feel so good.
  2. Snuggles from my kitty.  He makes me feel like being a crazy cat lady isn’t that crazy after all.
  3. Candy Crush.  I am on level 167 without spending a penny.  I am always tempted to pay $0.99 and click the “play on” button but this girl has willpower (even if it means spending another couple of weeks on beating level 167).Funniest_Memes_that-moment-when-you-beat-the-candy-crush_18484
  4. Banter.  I prefer the witty, clever and racy variety, but ultimately any banter will do.
  5. Getting feedback on this blog.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone took time out of their day to read my lil ol’ blog.  I don’t just like it.  I LOVE IT!

So that is my list, what is yours?  Shoot me a comment below, and don’t forget to “like” my page (they have no “love” button option yet, sorry) on facebook.


18 thoughts on “5 things I LOVE that are FREE!

  1. Really nice.. my shortlisted 5 free things are :-
    1) immeasurable love from my family.
    2) getting new friends in life
    3) happiness when someone reads my blog
    4) appreciating people in my life
    5) playing premium games for free by downloading their apk files .

  2. Feedback.
    ummm…. well, how about some witty banter?
    Did you hear the one about the … no, I already told you that one.
    Candy crush.
    Don’t know what that is.
    Got nothing.
    I can’t bend like that, cause it hurts.

  3. 1. Peace of mind (from having something in the bank)
    2. Wife in good mood (not always free, but when it is I love it)
    3. Relaxing in the sack
    4. Writing
    5. Reading good blogs like this one (although I do have to pay for internet service)

  4. I’m with you on yoga, plus:
    – doing jigsaw puzzles
    – gardening
    – reading a good book (from the library where it’s free) and
    – hanging out with good friends

    I’m going to miss your daily blog when day 93 rolls around!

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