Martin Lawrence Randomness

You know how sometimes someone pops into your head that you haven’t thought about in ages?  Then you can’t stop thinking about them and it starts driving you crazy?!

Well that person for me today was Martin Lawrence.  When I was a kid, I was obsessed with his show aptly titled “Martin”.   Today I have been asking everyone I have crossed paths with (all 6 of them) if they used to watch “Martin” too but kept getting the same response of


Not sure why Mr. Lawrence popped in my head today, but now I am staying up past my bedtime watching old clips of his show on youtube.  Am I crazy or does anyone else remember this hilarious show and Shanaynay and all of the Damn, Ginas?  Anyone?



2 thoughts on “Martin Lawrence Randomness

  1. Da-yum, Gina!
    I once pissed off one of my husbands friends by saying that. She went into kill mode, thinking I intentionally called her the wrong name.
    Chicks, man.

    Not my fault she never saw the show. Pfft.

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