Giving Up The Junk Before Thanksgiving

Today is day 3 of my newest health challenge.  No more booze or sweets until Thanksgiving.  I also joined a group online where the goal is to run 100 miles before Thanksgiving.

So to sum up:

No more of this


Or this


And a lot of this


until November 27.

Should be fun…right?

Anyone else want to join me?  Anyone?



8 thoughts on “Giving Up The Junk Before Thanksgiving

  1. Good luck with this! I did this for two years to lower my cholesterol and it worked. I also lost 45 pounds while going through menopause… My youngest daughter is a health coach, she frequently ‘cleans’ out my bad habits, throwing the ‘junk’ food away. I think wine, in moderation, is good for your health. You can do it, girlfriend!

    1. Thank you so much! Agree that it isn’t so much wine as the sweets BUT once I have a glass of wine it turns into another glass and sometimes another. Hope this makes me feel better from the inside and out.

  2. Now THIS is exactly what you need to be doing Angela! Who says you have to stop on 27 November? Keep going on after that. Get into running races and motivate others to get fit enough to do the same. A good 6 (small) meals a day should help with the maintenance process.

    I am so happy for you. Hope you emerge victorious.


    1. Thank you Tarisai, I think I am going to indulge just a little bit on Thanksgiving and go back on it until Christmas. Have to stop overeating in general, but will try to keep at it. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  3. You’re so full of energy I’ll bet you have most of those 100 miles done already. Right? Huh? I am right… right? 😀 Teasing aside, I know you can do it and I will help. I have cherry wine.

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