Lean (or at least soon-to-be), mean, clean eating machine!

After returning home from Hawaii, the inevitable happened.  Sadness set in.  Of course I was devastated we had to leave paradise, but what I was most upset about was P and I’s pact.  We made a promise to one another that we would go crazy in Hawaii and drink and eat whatever we wanted (and for 9 days and 8 nights that is exactly what we did…  think “Jersey Shore” but with thirtysomethings who know words with more than two syllables) BUT when we came back we would start a new healthy eating plan.

The plan kicks off with six weeks of:

Very little carbs


No sweets


And no booze


Today is day 6 of said plan.

Days 1-3 were rough.  Started on Saturday and spent most of my weekend on my back, in bed (and not in the good kind of way).  Withdrawals had definitely kicked in over the weekend.  Tired.  Oh so very tired while nursing a bad headache.

Days 4 and 5 were better.  Actually had the energy to get a quick workout in after work yesterday.  Yeah!

Day 6 is running much smoother.  Feeling MUCH more energetic!  I actually came home from work and actually accomplished…wait for it.…15 minutes of housework…whoo hoo!

Initially I was dreading this experiment, but now I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

Couples that get healthy together also get hotter together. Right?!?!

Fast forward to 6 months of this clean eating thing and P and I could look like this:


Or not…but at least we will be healthier.  Turning more into hot potatoes than couch potatoes.

Thanks for reading!  If any of you have any tips or advice for getting through this let me know.


I’m also documenting the 6 week jumpstart on Instagram if you want to tag along.




4 thoughts on “Lean (or at least soon-to-be), mean, clean eating machine!

  1. Good for you! I will tell you diet is 90% of it. Eat several small meals a day, don’t keep foods you can’t resist in your house and prepare food ahead (cut up veggies and lean protein) so there’s no way you can cheat. Social events will be the hardest, there’s always crappy food there. Hold each other accountable and support each other when you’re about to cave. Good luck!!!

  2. This reminds me of the time you talked about a running app you were following. You still incorporating that into this routine? If you don’t manage to achieve the 6-month look you displayed, I at least hope you’re fit enough lock in between 10km (6.2miles) and 15km (9.3 miles) comfortably, even if it’s on a treadmill.

    Meal times are easy:
    8:00- first breakfast
    10:00- second breakfast
    13:00- lunch
    16:00- afternoon tea
    18:00- dinner
    20:00- supper/evening tea
    Bam! 6 meals all in. It is honestly the easiest schedule to follow. The beauty about the length between lunch and afternoon tea is that you still keep a safe distance if you can’t make it at 13:00, as long as it’s before 15:00! 7:00 is still a good time for first breakfast if work kicks off at exactly 8:00. Told you it was easy.

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