Are you someone who has spent more than they should on a house, car, porcelain unicorn collection?  This blog will relate to you.  “Frugoal” is a word I made up one day at work (when I should have been working) and decided to expand into a blog, someday incorporating a vlog, and buying a pet frog…errr…sorry, the Dr. Seuss in me got carried away!  My “frugoal” is to wake up and take control of my money and get out of debt.  What is yours?

I want to hear from you!

e-mail me at thefrugoal@gmail.com

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43 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your witty sense of humor. Getting out of debt is possible, I have done it three times. Staying out of debt is another thing. But I keep trying. Take care, love the blog.

  2. love your blog. So refreshing to see someone stating the obvious- only use your money, not the banks! So many want the instant fix, the most recent technical thing, the biggest and best big screen tv, the huge house with every mod con etc (i.e. to start with everything their parents have worked all their entire lives to achieve)- keep up the good work- reduce debt or at least be realistic with what you want and can afford and build wealth slowly and smartly!

    1. So grateful for your words of encouragement! We definitely live in an immediate gratification society when there is so much great stuff out there to appreciate vs. have it! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I have been there! When I was around 25 I had credit card debt in excess of $10,000. I ended up biting the bullet and moving back in with my parents after living in my own (sans roommates) since the age of 20. I had a great job and should have had plenty of money but the rent plus debt was killing me! In one year I paid off all of my debt and started my new life completely debt free, including student loans (I only had 1 year’s worth). I am now married with children and through 2 layoffs and my not working since my daughter was born over 3 years ago, we still do not have credit card debt because of careful budgeting and planning. This might change soon, though, if he doesn’t get a job! Fingers crossed we can keep this going! Good luck to you and your financial planning. It’s tough work but it’s totally worth it to get that weight off your shoulders!

  4. As a serious over spender myself, I feel your pain. I will be following your blog closely. Love your sense of humour! X

  5. Angela I am all about the savings! The thing I love most about it is that it is very rewarding and your eyes suddenly open up to amazing opportunities. I too agree with the others. Your sense of humour is awesome, and I look forward to tagging along with you on your journey and seeing how wonderful life can be when both time and money are spent the right way.

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