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Date Night (Of The Old Married Couple Variety)

P and I went on our first date night in awhile.  We came up with…wait for it…dinner and a movie!  Super original, I know.  We had a $50.00 gift certificate to a local Italian joint and arrived at 5, but we didn’t make reservations and they were booked up until 8 (we may be in our 30s but we have the dining out habits of senior citizens).

We decided to forego eating past our bedtime and ventured to a Mexican place right next to the movie theater instead.  Meal was good, beer was better, and the conversation was always awesome (though I feel that P was offended when I told him that Jennifer Lawrence reminds me of a modern day version of Jennifer Grey).  Here are some pics from the dinner portion of our date:

IMAG0808IMAG0810_1 IMAG0812_1_1


And we were able to catch the early show of X-Men:  Days of Future Past (it was awesome,  and the reason Jennifer Lawrence was brought up at dinner).


Home  before 10, our old married couple date night is complete!

Have a great night and I will see you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge this summer.







Thirty Dollars Or Less: 1 street fair, 2 gals and a hell of a lot of mason jars

O to the M to the G!  Very excited to present my first post about dates for 2 under $30.00.  This post is all about celebrating a very belated birthday for my girlfriend Alexis*.


(Actual picture of Alexis*…and to all of my eligible male readers out there, she is single and ready to mingle and even more ready to kill me for just writing that)

Alexis had a birthday at the beginning of the month but for various reasons we weren’t able to connect  and celebrate it until this past Saturday.  So we did, all on a Hamilton and a Jackson y’all (in case you don’t speak white girl gansta, that means a $10.00 bill and a $20.00 bill you all).

First stop:  Lunch.  We met at Red Robin and had a great meal.  She had a petite burger and I noshed on their $3.00 classic mini wedge salad (yum) and their $5.00 pretzel bites (double yum).  She talked about a certain boy in her life, pinterest and mason jars. I talked about my cat.  We also talked about Syria (okay we didn’t, we talked more about those damn mason jars on pinterest).

Finished our meal and got the bill.  This gal was able to take her girlfriend out for her birthday (tip included) for $23.91. Alexis my girl, you are one cheap date (I mean that in the nicest way possible).  Our girl date was starting off just swell and I still had $6.00 to spare.

Next stop:  An unexpected street fair just behind Red Robin.  Neither of us knew this was going on so it was an added perk to our girl date.  Street fairs are perfect for walking off a meal at Red Robin, people watching and window shopping.


We found a cute boutique (which is French for “cute but ridiculously overpriced”) and wandered in.  What was there to greet us?  MASON JARS.  So many mason jars.  Mason jars as wine glasses, bride/groom glasses, shot glasses.  Mason jars were everywhere.  I even suggested to Alexis she should go as a mason jar for Halloween this year.  Who knew these glass containers were such a “thing”?  Pinterest knew it was a thing and so did Alexis.  This blogger wasn’t in the know and it was time to step away from the store with all the mason jars and get back to the street fair and fresh air.

Though it was a particularly  overcast day, we found some beautiful scenery to enjoy.


It did get a little chilly so Starbucks was calling our names.

Last stop:  Starbucks.  We each got a small…oops, I mean “tall” drink.  Alexis pulled out a gift card with a couple bucks on it and the total came to:  Well I can’t find my stupid Starbucks receipt but it was $2 or $3 something or other.

Regardless,  the entire date was less than $30.00.

Hope you liked this new feature on my blog and let me know what you think!

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Thanks for reading!


*Alexis may or may not (but probably is) her real name

Frugoal Night Out: A Quiet Dinner And Quite A Show

Date night on a budget…ugh, what is it about the word “budget” that takes all of the romance, whimsy and fun out of life?  Well, in order for P and I to get out of that pesky debt we have buried ourselves in, we have to now incorporate a budget into everything now, even a night out on the town.  Gone are the days when our dates revolved around being flirty and frisky. Now our dates have to center around another F word… fiscal.  Being a grown up really sucks sometimes.

Before I begin telling you about our night in the big city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, I must preface by saying that P and I were given two “gifts of thrift” by ways of a $40.00 gift card to Angelo’s Ristorante (a quaint Italian joint) and P also acquired two free tickets through his work to Lake City Playhouse’s production of Into The Woods.  We already had a huge head start to this classy night on the town being well within budget.

Angelo’s was up first.  Small, intimate and music from The Godfather enveloping the restaurant, the atmosphere was set for a nice evening, and Angelo, well he gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse (first of many bad jokes folks).  Angelo’s has a deal where $55.00 can buy you dinner for two and a bottle of wine.  Yes please!  P and I decided to go this route, though it must be mentioned that deal comes with a more limited menu, but still plenty to choose from.  I ordered the spaghetti al pesto (best pesto I have ever had), and P ordered the penne al positano (which considering he had the meat sweats going, was also very yum).  The bottle of wine, well not sure which one we went with, but it was red and gone by the time we left the restaurant.  If you are interested in taking your date out and getting in on this deal visit

Now happily fed, we headed outside and into the woods.

Lake City Playhouse.  Small, intimate and the chatter of the audience enveloping the room, this little playhouse that could, would and did was the perfect atmosphere for a great show.  The set was very impressive and very…Steampunk?  Steampunk and Sondheim?  Odd combination at first, but twenty minutes into the show, it worked.  This won’t be a typical review.  I hate reviews.  I get why they exist because a good one will get people in seats but most reviews consist of a synopsis which then goes into the good, the bad, the spectacular and the ugly of the production, I just want this review to get you to go Into The Woods.  I hate having any preconceived ideas about a play before I even sit my derriere in my seat.  Since most of my readers are from the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, and most of these aforementioned readers have the opportunity to see this show…my review is this…GO!  GO NOW! Well, you need to go during an actual showtime and get tickets, but then GO!  The amount of talent in my hometown is amazing.  Each performer (with the exception of one who I will write about later) sells their songs and owns that stage!  If you don’t live in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, saddle up and ride to your local playhouse and giddy up for a great time!  Live theatre is magical and romantic.  A single space that the actors and the audience share for just one night and just one show.  The actors are feeding the audience, and the audience is feeding the actors right on back.  Okay, I will get off my soapbox now and just give you a small taste, an amuse-bouche if you will, of Lake City Playhouse’s Into The Woods:

  • The Baker (played by Andrew Ware Lewis) and Baker’s Wife (played by Emily Cleveland) know how to bake and bake they do.  However, The Baker and his bride, can’t seem to make a little Baker Junior.  Enter:  The Witch (portrayed by Abbey Crawford).  The Witch insinuates it could be The Baker who can’t seem to get a bun in his Wife’s oven. Or does the issue lie with the Baker’s Wife, perhaps being unable to get pregnant due to too many “yeast” infections?
  • The Witch and Rapunzel (Christine Mullaly).  What does one say about their storyline? Sweet, endearing, co-dependent, heartbreaking and very reminiscent of Big Edie and Little Edie in Grey Gardens.  Their mother/daughter dynamic was a highlight.
  • The direction, the set, the music, the costumes, the lighting…well…just GO and see the show already.

Though it is never good to conclude with a low note, I must get back to the one performer who was lackluster at best.  This unfortunate honor goes to that of “Milky-White” (played by The Cow).  He looks the part, I would have cast him too, but he was static and rigid.  Much props goes to the entire cast for carrying him on stage though (especially Brendan Brady who plays Jack).   All of you made “Milky-White” bearable to watch, and “Milky-White”, if you are reading this please know that it was not all a loss.  Your red eyes were hypnotic at times and in the middle of Act One, when you exited the stage backwards, it was impressive.  Anyone can appreciate a good “moo”n walk!

Into The Woods plays through June 29.

For tickets (have I mentioned yet to go see this show):

Call  (208) 667-1323 or hop online (oh you already are online, how convenient) and go to

Also it should be mentioned (since this is a blog about trying to spend less money) you can volunteer and be an usher, work concessions, or house manage and see the show for FREE. Now that is a price that is within anyone’s budget!