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Frugoal Fumbles

Sometimes one not look far (does that make sense, I have had two glasses of wine tonight)…let me start over.  Sometimes, one need not look far (yes I needed the need) for inspiration for one’s blog.

This blog was brought to you by two of my friends.

The first friend, let’s call her “Trish” said one of the most shocking things I have ever heard uttered by another human being in my 33 years of life.  During lunch in the breakroom she shared the fact that she had spent $15.00 on FIVE apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!  54167091Say what?  If my basic math skills are still correct after two glasses of wine that means that she spent  $3.00 on an apple.  In my humble opinion, no apple is worth that money, just ask Eve of the infamous Adam and Eve.  Look at all of the trouble that a woman went through for a FREE apple!  “Trish”, unless that apple has some nice jewelry  hanging off the stem, there is no way that any apple is THAT good to justify spending that kind of money.

Don’t worry “Trish”, you weren’t the only frugoal fumble of the day.  You share the award with my second friend who we shall call “Alexis”.  Now tonight I took “Alexis” out for a birthday dinner with another one of our friends, let’s call her “Monica”.  The three of us had a lovely meal accompanied by nice conversation but things turned sour real quick when the waitress came over and offered “Alexis” a free dessert called the moon unit (a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream).  disgusted010“Alexis” quickly refused the FREE dessert with a look of disgust and didn’t even ask “Monica” or “me”” (I guess I don’t need to do the quotes around my name) if we would want it.  If she would have asked us I would have said “Hell yes, what woman doesn’t want a big creamy unit in her mouth?”  But she didn’t ask at all.  It was her birthday and she was making it all about her.  How dare you “Alexis”, how dare you.

Both “Trish” and “Alexis” are avid readers of this blog, so I’m sorry ladies.  Somewhere along the way, I must have let you both down.  Keep reading and I will try to do better in the future.