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Not A Good Hump

Yesterday was Wednesday. Hump day. I was one hot mess in distress.

I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me preface this by saying that I drink very little anymore. My body is typically a lean, mean, sober machine unless my brothers are in town.  My brother Mike is in from San Diego.  His personality matches the So Cal lifestyle.  Easy and breezy.  He just always seems to be having a good time, and his personality draws you in where you want to have a good time with him.

The night started off good enough.  P and myself met up with my parents and Mike for some BBQ at a joint called “Famous Willies Barbecue”.  This place is covered with pictures of famous people named Willie.  Willie Wonka and Willie Nelson were represented, along with Will Smith (Mike’s favorite) and Free Willy (my personal fave).  Conversation was light and so was my weight when it came to me drinking.  Two Blue Moons in I was already buzzing…bad.


My parents left before the three of us did (we were still working on our second beers) and we were supposed to head directly to their house to play some games.  But see, there was a bar with the ever so classy name of “Club Tequila” between the BBQ place and my parents house.  We made the ill fated decision to stop on in for a shot of happiness.  Greeted by a bartender with a midriff baring top, belly chain and the shortest sequined skirt I have ever seen, sober Ang would have questioned why she was there, but Blue Moon buzzed Ang felt like this was home.  I hate Blue Moon buzzed Ang.

We had a shot, then followed it with another drink.  We eventually ended up back at my parents house.  There I switched up to a big bottle of Zima that had been living in my parent’s fridge since 2006.

I was a mess.  Started crying (God, drunk cries are the worst)!  Then it was time for my husband to take me home.

I ended up raiding the fridge last night and I fell asleep while I was in the midst of eating a hot pocket.

When I woke up this morning I felt awful in all aspects.  I drink to deal with life’s lemons.  I’m trying my best to make lemonade with these lemons but I think I am adding too much booze.

Thanks for reading this post.  It doesn’t paint me in the best light, but the entire reason I started this blog was to be honest with not only my readers but with myself.