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Three Things I Want This July 2014!

It is officially August but I forgot my three things post for the month of July.  The summer is just going too fast!  So here it is, the three things I want for July 2014!

  • Baby Feet.



These tired old dogs need a facelift and I would LOVE to try this product out.  It works like this:



I know it’s gross, but yet oddly ap”peel”ing!


  • Sex and the City:  The Complete Series.



Confession time:  I actually already own this but the packaging has some water damage and I think Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte can all agree that everything should come with a perfect “package” (*wink* *wink*).  I loved this show in my 20s but I really LOVE these gals in my 30s.   I can identify with each of these women now.  My love life is reminiscent of Carrie’s (P, you are most definitely my Mr. Big), struggling with fertility issues like Charlotte, unfiltered and inappropriate at times like Samantha, and brutally honest sometimes in the harshest way like Miranda.


  • LEGO Sunglasses!


Give your sunglasses a very colorful customization in the funnest way possible:  LEGOS!


So there is my wish list for the month of July!

Thanks for reading and see ya back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge!