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Date Night (Of The Old Married Couple Variety)

P and I went on our first date night in awhile.  We came up with…wait for it…dinner and a movie!  Super original, I know.  We had a $50.00 gift certificate to a local Italian joint and arrived at 5, but we didn’t make reservations and they were booked up until 8 (we may be in our 30s but we have the dining out habits of senior citizens).

We decided to forego eating past our bedtime and ventured to a Mexican place right next to the movie theater instead.  Meal was good, beer was better, and the conversation was always awesome (though I feel that P was offended when I told him that Jennifer Lawrence reminds me of a modern day version of Jennifer Grey).  Here are some pics from the dinner portion of our date:

IMAG0808IMAG0810_1 IMAG0812_1_1


And we were able to catch the early show of X-Men:  Days of Future Past (it was awesome,  and the reason Jennifer Lawrence was brought up at dinner).


Home  before 10, our old married couple date night is complete!

Have a great night and I will see you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge this summer.







Extra Bacon to Bad Beer: A Lesson in Karma

Stopped into Subway the other day (yes I know I am on a fast food fast BUT this Subway doesn’t have a drive-thru) and got 2 five dollar footlongs.  One of these sandwiches was for P who wanted extra bacon.  The Subway guy making my sandwiches informed me there would be an extra charge of a $1.50 for the bacon.  I tell him that is “no problem” even though there were, in fact, two problems: 1) P just made a $5 footlong a $6.50 footlong (which does NOT make for a catchy jingle), and 2) His love of extra bacon is going to make me a widow someday.  The Subway guy makes P’s sandwich then made mine.  He rings up the total: $10.60.  He forgot the extra bacon charge. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!  P is happy and so am I.  I know I should have said something.  My parents raised me to be honest BUT this lady just got $1.50 break.  I happily paid the $10.60 and went on my merry little way.  Then I got to thinking, which usually gets me in trouble.  Did I do the right thing?  Should I have been honest about the bacon?  Could Subway have overcharged me at some point in the past and I just got my money back now?

Then that funny little thing that some may call “karma” stepped in.  I get home and notice P dumping a full beer out in the yard (because we are classy like that).  I ask what he is doing.  He then informs me he went to drink a beer that he purchased at the gas station and it was a “bad” beer.  I ask him how much the beer was.  His answer:  $1.50.

This girl can’t catch a break.

So did I do the right thing at Subway?  What would you guys have done?