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End of summer bucket list

Summer’s days are officially numbered.  Doesn’t it seem like as an adult summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye? I don’t know about any of you but I haven’t done anything summery.  I wore shorts a few times, got drunk on tequila and margaritas once or twice (or thrice), and got a nasty sunburn but that is really it.  Next weekend is the last “hurrah” of the summer (also known as Labor Day Weekend ) so it is time to fit my entire summer into one weekend.

Here are a few things that I am putting on my end of summer bucket list:

  1. A day at the movies with Expendables 3.  the-expendables-3-10817-p-1380101003-970-75The Expendables franchise has become my favorite kind of summer movie.  An insane roster of action stars old and new(Jason Statham being one of them…yum) mixed with an exorbitant amount of action sequences and explosions and topped with dialogue so deliciously awful that the movie ends up being hilarious.
  2. tumblr_m6an2sCWkR1rz4ut7o1_500Eat a monstrous amount of ice cream.  I want to go to an ice cream shop and order a cone with as many scoops as they can give me.  Yes, I am trying to lose weight, but isn’t summer all about consuming large quantities of cold fat and sugar in the form of ice cream.  Double yum!
  3. Yard work.  You know that you are officially settled down when your idea of a nice weekend is getting yard work done.  Our yard is in such bad shape right now.  Let’s just say that Leatherface kept a better yard than we do. 3016628-poster-p-1-leatherface-speaks-chainsaw-massacre-star-revisits-sweltering-house-of-horror_0 Hmmm, maybe we should invest in a chainsaw?
  4. Clean out the garage.  The reasoning for this is the same as the yard work.  I know there are critters and mice out there, but it is time to deal with it.
  5. Take a dip in the lake.  Though I may not be able to squeeze into any  bathing suits after completing number 2 on my end of summer bucket list, I am still going for a swim dammit.

Bonus item.  download (5)Find a tractor and drive it!  All of the above 5 items are doable but you should always have an item on any bucket list that is a little bigger than the rest.  Even if I find a tractor I probably won’t be able to drive it, let alone have the keys to drive it (do tractors use keys?), but I am still putting this bonus item on my bucket list!

What do you have on your end of summer bucket list?

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck on my quest for a tractor!