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Hidden Treasures

So sorry I have been slacking on my blog guys.  I have been spending much needed time on moving my home office from one room to the other and cleaning out a massive amount of clutter that was in the spare room (I’m talking “Hoarders” type of clutter).

Last weekend while all of you were out enjoying life, I made the weekend be all about going through ALL of our paperwork (financial/junk mail/letters/taxes) and tossing the stuff that was no longer needed (like 2002 pay stubs) and filing away all things of importance.  After 10 hours it was finally finished.

IMAG1087_1Putting all of the disorder in some order provided me with one great find after another.  Found some birthday cards circa 2009 and there was money in them.  That along with some spare change amounted to the grand sum of $86.80.  That made my 10 hour day very much worth the work.


Grabbed a glass of wine to celebrate my awesomeness when I looked at the mountain of clothes still overtaking the spare room.  It may have been the red wine talking but all of a sudden I got the urge to purge.  Purging last weekend gave me the opportunity to have one of the most magical moments any 30 something woman could ever ask for:  I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment.  Let me explain.

IMAG1089_1Was going through the pockets of a purse I was going to donate to Goodwill when I saw a flash of gold.  Hmmm.  Upon further inspection it ended up being a clasp to something.  I pulled and found that it was my most favorite gold locket that I wore through a majority of my early to mid twenties that I thought I had lost forever.  I squealed with glee which turned into pure magic when I thought of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City finale.  She found her favorite “Carrie” necklace in the lining of her purse.  For those of you who are not fans of the show (which are probably any straight men reading this blog), the necklace was symbolic of her finding herself again.


The weekend ended with two full trash bags full of shredded papers and two full trash bags filled with clothes and half a dozen purses going to Goodwill.

Cleaning out the closet proved to be a lovely way to spend the weekend.


By the way, let me know if any of you have found anything cool or weird (I love weird) when cleaning out your clutter!

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow (a story in pictures)

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow and I were to win a sum of around 100 million dollars I would:

Buy some Manolo Blahniks so whenever I put them on I would feel like Carrie Bradshaw!

Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby Rhinestone Buckle Silver Sandal

Get a maid who looks like Carrie Bradshaw so P won’t be tempted to have a love child with her (P does not find Sarah Jessica Parker attractive AT ALL but I happen to fancy her).

sarah jessica parker messy house 2

Hire a driver who calls me Ms. Daisy (even though my name is Ang).


Obligatory vanity item:  Get laser hair removal.


Take all of my friends to an all inclusive excursion to Mexico (of course we will look this sexy too)!


Have a beautiful piece of property and build a cabin in the middle of it surrounded by a moat and a draw bridge (and yes, Ocarina of Time was my inspiration).


Host a huge festival on said property and invite people like Lindsay Lohan, Andy Dick, Kanye West, Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl to come  sing/act/perform stand-up and call it “Misunderstood Stock”.


Speaking of Charlie Sheen, with my remaining “winning”s I would get out of debt, my family out of debt, start a no kill animal shelter, donate to my fave local charities which would get me recognized by my community who would name a street (with my urging of course)  which would bring awareness to an ailment I suffer with along with countless others:  Irritable bowel syndrome.


It’s good to have dreams.  Now I just need to start playing the lottery.






What I want this August 2014: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Anyone that knows me well knows that Sex and the City is my all time favorite show and Carrie Bradshaw is my all time favorite fictional female character.  In fact I am such a HUGE Sarah Jessica Parker fan that when we brought home our pup Scully from the shelter last week I wanted to name her Carrie Brad “paw” or Sarah Jessica “Bark”er (P quickly vetoed both names by telling me they were the “worst names ever invented by anyone”).

Well, if I can’t name a dog after my beloved SJP, I would at least love to have her in my life by way of her style.  single_girlThe fan girl in me came out BIG time when I found out she designed a delicious shoe line available at Nordstrom stores this past spring.



Here is a clip from The Wendy Williams Show where SJP discusses it.



When I hopped online to buy a pair, my inner fan girl quickly retreated once I learned of the retail prices.  carrie-bradshaw-debe-dinero1Paying several hundred dollars for a pair of shoes just isn’t realistic at the moment.  Maybe once the credit card debt is gone, the student loan debt is caput, and the jeep is paid off I will be able to indulge and walk in Ms. Parker’s shoes.  Until then, here is the link to catch a  glimpse at her pre-fall collection for Nordstrom:


And here are a few pics of a few of my faves!



Ahhh, you’re welcome for the Saturday morning eye candy!

Have a beautiful weekend!





Cleaning out my closets

Sex-and-the-City-4Officially broke until payday so it is time to get creative with how to bide my time until the money is flowing again.

Enter my newest household project:

Cleaning out the tragedy that are my closets (Carrie Bradshaw would be disgusted with me).

Time to rid myself of all of the clothes I no longer wear and fit into.

Will post pics throughout the next couple of weeks (trust me, it will take that long) to show you my progress.

Sorry this post is short, but it is about 100 degrees in my house, the dog just ate an entire box of cat treats, and my honey just walked through the door…gotta love life!

See ya back here for an all new blog tomorrow!