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More Month Than Money to More Money Than Month

Total-Money-Makeover-Book-CoverDave Ramsey uses the phrases “more month than money”  and “more money than month” in his book “The Total Money Makeover”.  I have this book and read it once a few years ago, and am back to reading it for a second go round (because maybe his advice will actually “stick” this time).

It seems that P and I always have just a little bit more month than money and I am tired of dipping into our savings each month to “survive” until the next payday. This upsets me for two reasons:  1)  I should not be dipping into our emergency fund unless it is an emergency.  An “emergency” is NOT running out of money because we spent way more than we should have and now can’t afford groceries the last week of the month, and 2) We make a decent living.  By no means are we wealthy, but we make okay money and it is just the two of us and our pets, so we HAVE enough money each month, we just don’t spend all of it the way we should.

So why does this keep happening to us?  Why can’t we get our financial s$#t together and have  more money than month vs. more month than money?

Because we rarely make a budget together.

Because we are lazy.

Because we can think of a million other things that we would rather be doing with our time than sitting down and talking about our personal finances. UGGGHHHHH!  My blood pressure can’t be good right now…

walletWhat prompted this rant on this Monday?  Today is payday for both of us.  I love/hate payday because I feel rich for a moment and then overwhelmed with writing out our monthly bills and with all of the questions on what to do with the excess of our money (since we don’t make out a monthly budget). How much should we put in savings?  A vacation fund?  Groceries? Gas? Entertainment?  How much can we put towards our debt? Who has a birthday/wedding/shower this month and how much should we give to that person?

In any relationship, if you combine your money, there has to be a designated bill payer.  I am the bill payer in my relationship so for me,  every payday is a pain day.

This month, I am going to try to spend a little less time watching Bravo and lure my husband away from playing Battlefield 4 (even if that means flashing him some boobies) and create a budget for the next half of the year.

Hopefully taking the time to make a monthly budget will be completely worth it (and I have a feeling it will).

Happy Monday and have an even happier payday!

See you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge.




Hate to start off any post with negativity, but I just want to shout from some rooftop, hilltop, or IHOP that “I HATE CREDIT CARDS…Cards…cards!”  Side note:  Apparently in my fantasy declaration of credit card hatred there is an echo.  Anyone with me on this?  Anybody at all?!

The reason why I hate them is obvious:  I was rode hard and put away in credit card debt.  How did this happen?  Fancy meals out, shopping trips, traveling, and even groceries.  Yes, I know, all things that easily could have been budgeting out and paid for in cash.  But alas, they weren’t because immediate gratification was calling my name and a card made of plastic was doing the same.

So what is a gal to do?  Considered getting a second job to help alleviate my financial woes.  I even answered my first ad on craigslist.  It was for a back up singer/dancer for a band that did corporate events.  I thought…Dang, this is perfect!  Hours that won’t conflict with my full time work…and I can carry a tune AND I can dance like Napoleon Dynamite…Gosh!  So I replied to the ad, albeit a few glasses of wine in me.  I stated that “I was interested, unless you are a serial killer or a rapist.”  No response.  Whew, dodged that bullet.  Then I considered using this melodic voice of mine to do some type of voice work over the phone where I get paid to talk.  The only profession  that came to mind was a phone sex operator…egads no!  Though I could be a phone cuddle operator and charge extra for spooning talk?  Million dollar idea?!  Let me know what you guys think!

This whole extra income thing wasn’t panning out so I ultimately decided to get help from the godfather of debt-free living, THE Dave Ramsey!  I bought his book “The Total Money Makeover” on Amazon.com (probably paid for it by credit card) and read it in a matter of hours (no applause please…not as impressive as it sounds because it has lots of pictures).  In this book, the wise Mr. Ramsey has a challenge for the reader:  To take on the guy or gal in the mirror.  This challenge is one of the reasons I started this blog.  What better way to be self-reflective than to write honestly about what your finances are?  Well one of the financial woes I was honest about from the get-go was the credit card debt (over $12,000.00).  If you missed that post (which I must say is highly entertaining) the link is below so you can read the details of how the interest rates got lowered and the debt got consolidated…psssst…just a heads up, it is the “One step forward” part of the post if you don’t want to read the whole thing.


So now that you are caught up with the credit card debt drama, I have an update!  Only 5 months in and already $1,500.00 of that credit card debt is gone!  What a difference an interest rate makes!  Though I still have trouble sleeping and wake up with the credit card debt sweats, it is so nice to see that debt going down.  The credit cards are still open but are now in their final resting place.  They are buried in a tupperware container under 6 inches of ice in the freezer.  It was time to freeze those “assets”.

Please  leave those comments (I love them), e-mail me (thefrugoal@gmail.com), or tweet me (@frugoal)!

Now go put those credit cards in the freezer!


Living in procrastiNATION

“Why do today what you can put off doing tomorrow?”  That has always been a mantra of mine that has served me…well actually, not so well over the years.  Putting off those pesky daily chores, workouts and errands is part of who I am.  I am just going  to come out and say it (or rather type it):  My name is Angela and I am a…procrastinator.  So much so, that if I was a superhero my not-so-super superhero name would be “The Procrastinator”.  Hmmmm, I wonder what people would say about “The Procrastinator”…

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…Oh S*#t, it’s The Procrastinator showing up 15 minutes too late again.

She can leap to her phone to hit the snooze alarm in a single bound.

The Procrastinator!  Saving the world the day after it needs to be saved.

Not really digging what people think of “The Procrastinator”?  Me either.

So let’s get back to the real world since this female Clark Kent is spent, and talk about what procrastination has to do with finances.  Turns out, procrastination costs money.  Which brings me to…drum roll please…

Frugoal Lesson #2:  Procrastination WILL cost you money!

How many of you live in this constant state of waiting until the last minute to do things?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  But seriously, TELL ME, I love reading your comments!  Alright, if you don’t want to tell me, then I will tell you:  Living and being a citizen of procrastiNATION sucks! If you don’t believe me, here is a real life example about how something as simple as waiting to register for Bloomsday cost this little lady some big dollar bills. 

Note:  For those reading this that are not from the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, Bloomsday is an annual run/walk (or crawl for some including myself) that is approximately 7 1/2 miles and takes place in Spokane, Washington.  For those of you that are from the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area…made you look.

The entrance fee for Bloomsday is $17.00, which is very reasonable.  This girl didn’t register right away because things kept coming up, then this girl put it off (the three part Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion needed to be watched so it could be deleted from the DVR).  Then kept putting it off (working, earning a paycheck, and paying those bills, very important stuff).  Then putting it off some more (housework had to be done…okay can’t lie to you guys, housework still isn’t done, couldn’t even type that with a straight face).  Ultimately, excuses were made and registering for Bloomsday was not a top priority.  So, long story longer, last Monday, I get a call from P asking me if I registered yet (he got to register for Bloomsday free through his work).  This is how the conversation went:

P:  Did you register yet for Bloomsday?

A: No.

P:  The entrance fee just got upped to $32.00.


Side note:  I am very open to optioning the above script.  Have your people call my people.

So because of procrastination, I am now a late “bloomie” which cost me way more money than if I would have been an early “bloomie”.  The point of this blog is this:  My mantra of “Why do today what you can put off doing tomorrow” isn’t working for me and has to be rewritten.  How will it be rewritten?  Not sure how yet, but it’s a work in progress, just like the girl writing this blog, and maybe some of you who are reading this as well.

P.S. The ironic thing is I have always been a late “bloomer” which has saved me money in the past.

P.S.S. Real life example of how being a late “bloomer” saves money:  Didn’t have to buy my first bra until I was 19.  Pretty sure even Dave Ramsey would be proud of my savings on that.

P.S.S.S. “P.S I Love You” is a great movie!