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Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Sorry to all of you out there for my absence as of late.  P and I have slipped into bad habits with our finances once again.  Recently we have been spending WAY too much money on wants vs. needs and putting very little of our extra money towards  debt.

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures:  Turning to youtube for inspiration.   It may be time to get  some tips from a few “musical artists”  on how to get my hands on some of this “money” that they all seem to have an endless supply of in their music videos.

1. 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”.  Surely “Fity” (am I saying that right?) will be able to share his wisdom of how he gets money and how I can too.

What in the f&*k was THAT?!  Fity didn’t say how he gets his money which won’t help me get mine.  He just keeps repeating the phrase “I run New York”.   As an awkward white girl from Idaho, I have no clue what that means.  The only tips he gave me were to have a baby with him and he would right me out a hefty child support check (tempting… but I don’t think I am his type) or to find a magical package of wonder bread filled with dough of the green variety.  Maybe I will have better luck with number 2.

2.  Abba’s “Money, Money, Money”.  I get Swedish people, so this should be helpful.

What WAS THAT?!?!  Though this video is slightly more relatable as Abba doesn’t proclaim that they “run Sweden”, and that they are just simply broke.  Their advice to increase one’s pocketbook:  Marry rich (which that ship has sailed as I already am married and my husband has this weird thing about “seeing other people”) or  win a jackpot in Vegas.  Hopefully luck will finally be a lady on number 3.

3.  Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain “Got Money”.  These two seem to have the secret to financial riches with the title of this song.

Okay, let me get this straight.  Lil Wayne wants me to rob a bank (which requires way too much planning for my lazy ass) and then he wants me to give ALL THE MONEY AWAY!!!! The only valuable lesson this video taught me is that I am officially old.  In the scene where Mr. Wayne in rapping by the door of the vault I just kept screaming in my head “TIE YOUR SHOELACE!”

Apparently my method of watching music videos to unlock the secret to getting rich was a gigantic FAIL.

Hope you are all having a more productive Thursday night than I am.