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Sunday Quotes

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  What used to be a day reserved for nursing an awful hangover from a Saturday night filled with bad decisions is now a day for relaxation, reflection and recharging for the upcoming week.  Kind of dorky, but one of my Sunday morning rituals is to sit at my computer with a hot cup of tea and search the web for inspirational quotes (writing it out doesn’t make it seem as dorky as I originally thought).

Here are some of my current fave quotes that I hope will give me (and perhaps some of you) some positive perspective on this little thing called “life”:






Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and check back in tomorrow for an all new blog!


Three things I GOT this May 2014!

Normally on my monthly “three things” blog I mention three fantastic things I want (and normally would buy myself if I were not trying to get out of debt), but since May is home to my birthday I thought I would change it up and share with you all three things I got this May 2014:

1. A Seahawks Jersey…Finally!


P really does listen!  My hubby gave me a 12th man jersey (since I have always told him I don’t want a specific player’s jersey since I am not loyal to the players but loyal to the team).  He also personalized it with my last name on the back!  He got some serious “hubby points” that day!

2. A bouquet of the sweetest kind!


Not much of a flower girl, but I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  My mom and dad (though I have a feeling my mommy is the one that put it together…and yes a grown woman just called her mom “mommy”) gave me this bomb.com bouquet!  Loved this and love them!

3.  A beautiful way to tell time!


Egads!  Holy hair and porous skin Batman!  Nevermind the close up pic, but this gal always needs more time, and the only way to get more time is in the form of a watch!  My in-laws gave me this fabulous Fossil watch (love me some Fossil)!  I just love being their favorite daughter-in-law (by default, but I will take it)!  Love them too!

I also got jewelry, gift cards, candy, an ice cream maker, a crazy cat lady purse, a journal, one-of-a-kind necklace, home decor, a travel organizer, cupcakes, and money from my parents and both of my grandmas (who I always tell them they don’t need to give me any money but they continue to do so anyway).


The best gift I got for my birthday was all of the phone calls and texts and happy birthday voice mails from all of my loved ones.  I am one lucky girl!

Be back tomorrow,


A Couch With A View

ImageI am really NOT holding up on my promises to blog more, and I am sorry.  This household has been plagued with illness for the last two weeks.  First P got hit with the flu, then he had a nasty toothache which turned into two root canals and a wisdom tooth being pulled.  I was playing nurse for P for a week (and trust me it wasn’t the fun kind of playing “nurse” *wink*) when I then got hit with the worst sore throat followed by an even worse cold…ugh.  So with all of the aforementioned excuses, I just have not been writing, nor have I really had much to write about.  The majority of time spent by me (especially this week) has been spent in bed (again, not the fun kind of time in bed *wink*) or on the couch watching a crap ton of television.

I have come to one conclusion spending so much time on my back lately (for the last time, NOT the fun kind of time on my back *double wink*):  Daytime TV is AWFUL!!!  I channel surfed for a majority of my time.  Side note:  Does anyone know how many calories this kind of surfing burns?

A quick recap of my time spent vegging out:

There are so many shows that just focus on the foolish and the ignorant.  It is astonishing to me how many women don’t know who their “baby daddy” is.

Then there are channels like HGTV and the Food Network which make me feel like an inferior housewife who can’t decorate or cook.

Don’t even get me started on the History Channel.  Or rather, the “History” Channel (yep, that’s right I just pulled out the old writer’s trick of bitchy air quotes).  My attention must have been elsewhere in my history classes when all of the lessons regarding men wielding axes and people living in swamps were taught.

Lastly, this girl loves her Bravo but even this channel is lackluster during the daytime.  An example, the movie “Crossroads” was on yesterday.  THE “Crossroads” with Britney Spears in it.  Double Ugh.

So instead of watching television all week, which I thought would be fun, I slept (which was actually pretty fun). Tried to do a couple of chores around the house but got super tired and promptly slept some more.

Other random notes that I will likely tweet later to my 15 followers:

Had a dream about getting some amazing deals at an unadvertised Victoria’s Secret clearance sale.  Not sure what this type of dream means.

My guesses:

A)  I am officially old.

B) Fantasizing about a good deal.

C)  In desperate need of new underwear.

D)  All of the above.

If you have Netflix instant streaming I highly recommend the documentary “The Woman Who Wasn’t There: The True Story Of An Incredible Deception”.  I don’t want to give anything away but I was fascinated by this story.

Your house really does pay you to clean.  Feeling better today so decided to do some spring cleaning and I am now $0.30 richer.  Truly feel like a baller…or maybe a shot caller?  Haven’t decided yet.

Happy Wife = Happy Life Tip of the Day:  Husbands, if you tell your wives “You look so beautiful”, just end the statement there.  Don’t say “You look so beautiful.  The light is hitting you just right”.  I’m not going to name any names, or initials, but a certain someone said that to this blogger recently, and let’s just say the light wasn’t the only thing that was “hitting” just right.

Yowzas!  That was a very random blog, but at least I blogged!

Thanks again for reading and feel free to comment below or hit me up on twitter.


Adventures In Clearance Shopping: T.J. Maxx Edition

Howdy all!  I am trying to post more often to this blog so bare with me.  Some posts are going to be works of genius, but this isn’t one of them.  This post is a simple one.  A post about a girl who decided to do some spontaneous clearance shopping at one of my favorite stores:  T.J. Maxx.

There are definitely some pros and cons to clearance shopping.  Con:  Clearance shopping takes a lot of time and effort.  Pro:  You can find some GREAT deals and save some serious cash.  I happened to find two GREAT deals on my venture to T.J. Maxx in clearanceland that I would love to share with you all!

The first was a blue and black checkered number.  ImageWhat girl doesn’t need a Cosby sweater?  I can pair it with my skinny jeans that currently don’t fit at the moment (damn carbs) or my hypothetical black jeans that I don’t even own.  IMAG0527It really doesn’t matter if I don’t have pants to wear with it because I got it for…wait for it…on clearance for  $3.00. Yes please!

My next purchase came at the end of my shopping trip.  I happened upon a last chance clearance rack which looked very much “rode hard and put away wet” (if you catch my drift…wink...wink).  IMAG0525_1Buried in this ravaged rack of clothes was my best find in ages:  an adorable sweater dress.  Though a tad too short for me and my derriere to wear as a simple dress, I could still rock it as a top with the aforementioned ill fitting skinny jeans.  The price you ask?  A very affordable dollar.  One dollar!!!  Now that is one heck of a steal.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by and please feel free to share any amazing deals you have found when clearance shopping/thrift store shopping/couponing, etc.!


Howdy all and HAPPY 2014!

Every new year brings one sure thing:  broken resolutions!  In the past few weeks I have asked several members of my family and friends what their 2014 resolutions are and the most common response was “I don’t make resolutions because I just break them anyway.”  Haven’t we all.  So let’s just rid ourselves of those pesky “resolutions” and make 2014 a great year! Simple.  Sweet.  To the point.

Whether it is treasuring the small things in life, finding love, losing weight, or making a career change, let’s just make a plan and do it.  No matter what 2014 throws at us there are two factors that we can always*  control that can make or break this year:  our actions and our attitude.  I am definitely going to try my best to make my actions and attitude positive ones this year.  First step: Don’t eat the Butterfingers in the cupboard that are currently tempting the crap out of me.

Thanks for reading my first post of the new year and feel free to comment below and share what your goals for 2014 are.


*with the exception of women during “that time of the month”

The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Third Day

Almost a week away until the big day!  Hope it is a holly and jolly one for all of you!  Instead of 3 French hens, P and I celebrated the third day of Christmas by exchanging dollar store gifts and this is what we ended up with:

My gift to P:


P loves his butterfingers, and what my baby wants my baby gets (couldn’t even type that with a straight face).  How could I lose with this fun size 6 pack of crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery goodness for just a buck?

P’s gift to me:


Saaaaweeeet!  A 5×7 picture frame!  My desk at work is pretty bare so I may need to fill up this frame with a photo of the fam.  Then again, the family that is already in the frame looks so delightful, maybe I will just keep this picture instead…

Thanks for reading!  Now go do something Christmasy, like roasting some chestnuts on an open fire.


YESVEMBER: Weeks 3 and 4

December is officially here and my first YESVEMBER challenge has concluded.  Here is a few things that I have said “yes” to in weeks 3 and 4 (besides carbs):

  • Namaste with me.  My relationship with yoga has been on-again/off-again for the past 14 years.  This month I am happy to announce that yoga and I are officially on-again and it is just as hot and steamy as I remember it.  Why is it that I keep coming back to yoga?  Yoga reminds me to breathe and just be in the moment.  Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to tone up and de-stress.
  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  Before you judge me (and who wouldn’t) let me finish.  These two are obnoxious.  Kanye West compares himself to Jesus and Walt Disney but can’t sing or rap.  Kim Kardashian, though attractive, had a sex tape and a personality that is like champagne minus the bubbles or booze.  Why are these two famous?!  When Kanye released his new video “Bound 2” featuring Kim I admit that I was super judgmental and bitchy about it.  It should be mentioned that I had not seen “Bound 1” so maybe I was just lost.  Enter James Franco and Seth Rogen.  These guys turned this girl’s frown upside down.  For those of you living under a rock and haven’t checked out the Franco/Rogen parody of “Bound 2” here it is:
  • Asking for help.  It has always been very difficult for me to ask for help, but I think this is common for a lot of people.  Since this is YESVEMBER I decided to ask for help when P and I were invited to attend a gala (very formal and very fancy).  Since the most formal dress that I own is my wedding dress I had two options: a)  buy a pricey formal dress during the most expensive time of the year, or b) ask for help.  I went with option “b” and I ended up wearing a gorgeous gold and black dress that I borrowed from a co-worker.  The moral of the story:  No matter how big or small or “fancy” your dilemma:  Ask for help!

So what did I come away with in this inaugural YESVEMBER challenge?  I stayed more positive, stressed less, and was so busy searching for the positive in the little things that this was the first month in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time where stressing out about money wasn’t a constant.  So bring on December!

Thanks for reading!


Cabo Part 1: MexiCans vs. MexiCan’ts

This story begins 13 months ago when a boy asked a girl to marry her, put a ring on it, and they decided to have a destination wedding in Cabo.  What does this story have to do with this blog and my frugoal?  The answer is simple: the boy is my brother, the girl is my newly minted sister-in-law, and P and I had a lot of saving to do to get to this wedding.

P and I had been to Mexico once before.  We went to Cozumel in 2010, and though it was a great time, we did it 100% the wrong way financially.  We “paid” for it by credit card.  We bought all of our souvenirs by draining out what little savings we had, paid for all our excursions by credit card (damn that entrancing plastic), and all of our meals outside the resort were put on the…credit card.  Are you sick yet?  I know I am, and it isn’t the water in Mexico making me run for the toilet this time.  It is my sheer stupidity and my bank upping my credit limit that was giving me debtarrhea.  Side note:  That is probably the worst joke I have written to date on this blog.  You either enjoyed it or it made you sick and now YOU are the one running for the toilet.

So in Spring 2012, when Steve (my bro) and Kelsey (sis-in-law) announced their wedding would take place in May 2013, P and I knew this trip would have to be saved up for in full and NOT PAID FOR IN PLASTIC!  The 2010 Cozumel trip was behind us, but still fresh in our minds and unfortunately still wrapped into our credit card debt.   We were not going to repeat the same mistakes this go round in Mexico.

Now all three of you reading this may be thinking “Woman, you are soooooooo stupid!  You are in credit card debt up to your mesmerizing eyeballs!  Save your money and don’t go to Mexico and just send them a gift!”  You are correct on two counts.  Yes, we are in credit card debt and yes, my eyeballs really are mesmerizing but there are some things in life you can miss and some things in life you can’t.  Any recent episode of “How I Met Your Mother” or a television interview with any Kardashian, ever, you can miss and life will go on.   Some things, however, you can’t miss  and your baby brother’s wedding is one of those things.  We were going to that wedding no matter what!  And we were going to that wedding without any assistance from our credit card(s)!!

So saving had to happen to get us both to Mexico for the week of Steve and Kelsey’s wedding.  Luckily, the betrothed couple gave plenty of notice to their guests to save up.  Save up we did and in late November of last year we had enough to pay for the trip in full and not put any debt on our credit cards…and away we Cab”go”.  Side note:  While reading this aloud, that joke was also pretty bad.  Please comment at the end of this blog and let me know which joke truly was worse:  debtarrhea or Cab”go”.

Before we boarded our flight to Cabo, we had enough cash on us for tips for the resort staff throughout the week (housekeeping, waitstaff, bartenders, etc.), enough for one excursion for each of us to do outside of the resort, and an itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka dot amount of money for a souvenir (think   “Chiclets”).  Ahh, a full week at an all inclusive resort (all we can eat, drink and gain) plus airfare and spending cash.  Nothing was put on that credit card when we boarded that flight to Cabo!  Not a cent!  We won the battle…right?

As we were traveling 30,000 feet in the air, my only panic attack came from the thought of the plane crashing (which is nothing new) but I was pleasantly surprised by one thing on this flight.  I had zero anxiety about money for this vacation (a new feeling and unexpected change from ghosts from vacations past).  I felt good and relaxed, or at least I would as soon as we landed safely in Cabo.

We touched down in Cabo (can I get an “Amen”) and then were shuttled to our hotel: The lovely and charming Hola Grand Faro Los Cabos Resort.  After checking in I was granted (along with everyone else that came for the wedding) the most beautiful gift one can get on vacation…the purple bracelet.   This magical bracelet, placed nice and snug around my wrist, would annoy me at first.  That short lived annoyance would soon turn into a hot and steamy love affair.  The purple bracelet would get me as much food as I wanted to eat and as many amazing…oh gosh, promised myself I wouldn’t get verklempt while writing this, but happy tears, happy tears…adult beverages as I wanted to drink for the next week.  Who needs to spend money outside the resort where the purple bracelet loses all of its powers?  With the purple bracelet on I felt like a Power Ranger at the Hola Grand Faro.  A drunken Power Ranger.  Yes!  I felt like a Whiskey Sour Power Ranger calling for “Purple Ranger Power!”  This vacation was going to be so much fun and be great for my pocketbook too (my liver was the only thing in my life which would not be benefiting from this vacation, but you can’t please everyone).

Then two days into vacation, reality hit me.  Reality hit me, and it hurt.  I only took into consideration what my financial  Can vs. Can’t lists for this vacation was.  Those lists are as follows:

Ang’s MexiCan Do List:

  • Eat at the resort
  • Drink at the resort
  • Tips for those cleaning our room
  • Tips for those bringing my drinks while I eat
  • Tips for those making my drinks and bringing my drinks while I don’t eat
  • Only 1 excursion outside the resort
  • Taking pics of all of the above

Ang’s MexiCan’t Do List:

  • Anything and everything that is not on Ang’s MexiCan Do list

I didn’t consider P, my other financial half.  He had lists of his own.  His lists are as follows:

P’s MexiCan Do List:

  • Anything and everything that is not on Ang’s MexiCan Do list

P’s MexiCan’t Do List:

  • P left this list blank

Houston, we may be in Cabo, but we have a problem…

To be continued…