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Friday Night Quotes: Movers, Shakers And Dream Makers

Anyone else feel that they are on a perpetual hamster wheel in their life?  Going through the motions but not really getting anywhere?

In a rut?

Or do you feel like you are a supporting character in your own life?


Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life.  I am married to the love of my life, have the best fur babies any fur mama can ask for, a house that feels like a home, and great family and friends.  I can actually say that I enjoy my job most days and I have my health -which is definitely something money can’t buy.

But I want more.

My eyes are constantly on my phone and my head is in the clouds.  I’m not really living.

I’m definitely drinking.

And watching.

And judging. 


I’m not growing,

Or thriving.  (Hmmm, may need to use this material for the next local amateur poetry jam night).

I need some inspiration from some folks who didn’t waste their time checking their iPhones or updating their Instagram/Facebook daily (yeah, yeah, I realize I just shared this post on Facebook).

Thanks for reading (and perhaps relating) to this blog.

Much love,


Hidden Treasures

So sorry I have been slacking on my blog guys.  I have been spending much needed time on moving my home office from one room to the other and cleaning out a massive amount of clutter that was in the spare room (I’m talking “Hoarders” type of clutter).

Last weekend while all of you were out enjoying life, I made the weekend be all about going through ALL of our paperwork (financial/junk mail/letters/taxes) and tossing the stuff that was no longer needed (like 2002 pay stubs) and filing away all things of importance.  After 10 hours it was finally finished.

IMAG1087_1Putting all of the disorder in some order provided me with one great find after another.  Found some birthday cards circa 2009 and there was money in them.  That along with some spare change amounted to the grand sum of $86.80.  That made my 10 hour day very much worth the work.


Grabbed a glass of wine to celebrate my awesomeness when I looked at the mountain of clothes still overtaking the spare room.  It may have been the red wine talking but all of a sudden I got the urge to purge.  Purging last weekend gave me the opportunity to have one of the most magical moments any 30 something woman could ever ask for:  I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment.  Let me explain.

IMAG1089_1Was going through the pockets of a purse I was going to donate to Goodwill when I saw a flash of gold.  Hmmm.  Upon further inspection it ended up being a clasp to something.  I pulled and found that it was my most favorite gold locket that I wore through a majority of my early to mid twenties that I thought I had lost forever.  I squealed with glee which turned into pure magic when I thought of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City finale.  She found her favorite “Carrie” necklace in the lining of her purse.  For those of you who are not fans of the show (which are probably any straight men reading this blog), the necklace was symbolic of her finding herself again.


The weekend ended with two full trash bags full of shredded papers and two full trash bags filled with clothes and half a dozen purses going to Goodwill.

Cleaning out the closet proved to be a lovely way to spend the weekend.


By the way, let me know if any of you have found anything cool or weird (I love weird) when cleaning out your clutter!

Turning Over A New Leaf

My 93 days of blogging challenge is dead and gone now.  I was a few blogs short but for the most part I posted a blog each day of the 93 days of summer.  Decided to ring in autumn by taking a week off of blogging but now I’m back baby.  The leaves are changing and so is my attitude about, well, everything.

182114378651621419SUAX0HOvcTime to get healthy in mind and body.

Time to start feeling appreciative for everything that I have.

Time to let go of the past and keep moving forward.

Time to silence the negative voice in my head and crank the volume on the positive thoughts instead.

Time to turn over a new leaf.

Much love to all of you that read this blog on a regular basis!  Got a LOT of projects planned for this fall and can’t wait to share them with you.


If I were to win the lottery tomorrow (a story in pictures)

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow and I were to win a sum of around 100 million dollars I would:

Buy some Manolo Blahniks so whenever I put them on I would feel like Carrie Bradshaw!

Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby Rhinestone Buckle Silver Sandal

Get a maid who looks like Carrie Bradshaw so P won’t be tempted to have a love child with her (P does not find Sarah Jessica Parker attractive AT ALL but I happen to fancy her).

sarah jessica parker messy house 2

Hire a driver who calls me Ms. Daisy (even though my name is Ang).


Obligatory vanity item:  Get laser hair removal.


Take all of my friends to an all inclusive excursion to Mexico (of course we will look this sexy too)!


Have a beautiful piece of property and build a cabin in the middle of it surrounded by a moat and a draw bridge (and yes, Ocarina of Time was my inspiration).


Host a huge festival on said property and invite people like Lindsay Lohan, Andy Dick, Kanye West, Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl to come  sing/act/perform stand-up and call it “Misunderstood Stock”.


Speaking of Charlie Sheen, with my remaining “winning”s I would get out of debt, my family out of debt, start a no kill animal shelter, donate to my fave local charities which would get me recognized by my community who would name a street (with my urging of course)  which would bring awareness to an ailment I suffer with along with countless others:  Irritable bowel syndrome.


It’s good to have dreams.  Now I just need to start playing the lottery.






Sunday Quotes: Let Me Do Me And You Do You

As I am learning with age and experience some people are just never going to “get me” and there are some people who I will never “get”.  Deep breathes into the next week to have more tolerance for those that I need to have more patience with.

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!  I did (minus the Seahawks getting schooled by San Diego).


My Lesson From 9/11

This morning I woke up at 3:30 A.M.  Waking up this early is not unusual for me but what I did next was.  I didn’t immediately try to go back to sleep or turn on the dull droning noise of an old episode of Seinfeld to lull me back into the bliss of unconsciousness.  I opened my eyes and took in the moment.

Instead of the sound of P’s snoring annoying the shit out of me, I found comfort in the fact that P, the man that I was lucky enough to find on this earth to love, was sleeping soundly next to me.

Instead of kicking two of my animals off the bed for leaving me thismuchroom to sleep, I listened to them breathing (not in a “crazy cat lady” way, in a “I am so blessed that these furry babies found their way into my life” kind of way).

Today always stirs up the all too vivid memory of where we were when 9/11 happened.  It was beyond tragic and gut-wrenching and it is very difficult to focus on anything but the tremendous loss that was felt 13 years ago.

After the mourning and life returned to the “new normal” for all of us, lessons start to be taken from it.

The lesson I took was simple:  No day is promised.  Savor and be thankful for every morning you wake up on this beautiful earth.

I don’t live by this rule every day.  Some days are just hard to get through and you can’t wait for them to be over but September 11 isn’t one of them.  It is the one day each year that I am very aware of all of the good that surrounds me.

Hope you all take a few minutes today to find some good in your world!


My Wednesday

The-Office-GIFs-the-office-31947248-500-282Went to work and worked it!

Worked it out during my workout!


Walked the dogs but really the dogs walked me.

Worked my magic in the kitchen with a delicious  edible dinner (but what woman doesn’t set the fire alarm off and burns her hand while preparing a meal).


Writing this blog!

My Wednesday was pretty superb, how about yours?



Frugoal Fumbles

Sometimes one not look far (does that make sense, I have had two glasses of wine tonight)…let me start over.  Sometimes, one need not look far (yes I needed the need) for inspiration for one’s blog.

This blog was brought to you by two of my friends.

The first friend, let’s call her “Trish” said one of the most shocking things I have ever heard uttered by another human being in my 33 years of life.  During lunch in the breakroom she shared the fact that she had spent $15.00 on FIVE apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!  54167091Say what?  If my basic math skills are still correct after two glasses of wine that means that she spent  $3.00 on an apple.  In my humble opinion, no apple is worth that money, just ask Eve of the infamous Adam and Eve.  Look at all of the trouble that a woman went through for a FREE apple!  “Trish”, unless that apple has some nice jewelry  hanging off the stem, there is no way that any apple is THAT good to justify spending that kind of money.

Don’t worry “Trish”, you weren’t the only frugoal fumble of the day.  You share the award with my second friend who we shall call “Alexis”.  Now tonight I took “Alexis” out for a birthday dinner with another one of our friends, let’s call her “Monica”.  The three of us had a lovely meal accompanied by nice conversation but things turned sour real quick when the waitress came over and offered “Alexis” a free dessert called the moon unit (a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream).  disgusted010“Alexis” quickly refused the FREE dessert with a look of disgust and didn’t even ask “Monica” or “me”” (I guess I don’t need to do the quotes around my name) if we would want it.  If she would have asked us I would have said “Hell yes, what woman doesn’t want a big creamy unit in her mouth?”  But she didn’t ask at all.  It was her birthday and she was making it all about her.  How dare you “Alexis”, how dare you.

Both “Trish” and “Alexis” are avid readers of this blog, so I’m sorry ladies.  Somewhere along the way, I must have let you both down.  Keep reading and I will try to do better in the future.


Sunday Quotes: Happy Thoughts

It becomes more apparent with age that happiness is a state of mind.  Thinking positive thoughts makes for more positive outcomes.  Going into the next week I am going to try to extinguish any negative thoughts that enter my mind and replace them with thoughts filled with all things happy!

Hope your next week is also filled with thoughts of positivity.