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Cutting Back

51992529At the beginning of the year I promised you loyal readers that I would be out of over $10,000.00 worth of credit card debt by 2015.  I may have been overshooting…BUT let me explain.

Life happened.  Cars needed fixing, teeth needed fixing, medical “stuff” needed fixing.  Life.

BUT (I like big BUTs and I cannot lie) now that a majority of those bills are all caught up, it is time to refocus on my bad debt, that nasty credit card debt.

We have been paying more than the minimum each month on our monthly bill so our total credit card debt is down to around $8,600.00 (I should know this amount down to the penny BUT I don’t).  With only half the year left, I am not sure we will be completely credit card debt free in 2015 but P and I have decided to make three changes in this household to cut out some of our monthly expenses.

  1. Surprise discount on our phone bill.  P went down to our cellular phone company for work purposes and a super groovy employee mentioned to him that he actually gets a work discount for his personal account as well (though I wish we would have known it sooner).  Surprise monthly discount of $25.00.
  2. Jeeper by the dozen.  We decided to downgrade from an ’09 Jeep Rubicon to an ’06 Jeep of some kind (asked P what kind, then he started telling me how to word the “Jeep” portion of my blog and we ended up getting into a Jeep/blog fight which ended in silent treatment the rest of the night which means he won’t even “like” this blog on facebook now…damn). Anywho…monthly savings of over $130.00 in Jeep payments.
  3. Bye bye Bravo.  P went down to our cable provider (which I was going to give him special props for until he pissed me off when I was writing number 2 on this list) and cut the TV.  Sad day BUT this decision just saved us $70.00 a month!

That means our total monthly savings by cutting back on a few things is around $225.00!  Which means in the last half of 2014 we will be saving a total of $1,350.00!!  Sweet!

This credit card debt may not be gone in the next 6 months, BUT these small changes will definitely help..

See you tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge, and hope this blog inspires you all to cut back on a few little things for the greater good!


P.S. If anyone knows any marriage counselors who specialize in fights of the Jeep and blogging variety, let me know…

The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas (plus sales tax).

Christmas.  A time of year that intoxicates us with its lights and eggnog laced with rum.  A time of year when those catchy Christmas carols dance through our heads far more than visions of sugarplums.  I love Christmas.  So much so that I am going to celebrate Christmas for twelve straight days this year! How?  Just keep on reading…

Everyone on this gal’s Christmas list is bought for except P.  Usually P and myself will spend a minimum of a hundred dollars on each other for Christmas.  This year has to be different because it was a very expensive year in this household.  P got an XBox One, a jeep, an ATV…I will just stop there because I’m sensing that I’m coming across as bitching.  Which I am…just a little.  Side note:  Has anyone seen my Midol?  Anyway, Christmas has to be different this year when it comes to how much money we spend on each other.

Cue entrance of:  The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas (plus sales tax)!

This Christmas season we are each purchasing 12 gifts for each other at…wait for it…THE DOLLAR STORE!  A dash of fun with a sprig of sad.  I actually just got back from my trip to The Dollar Store and P will LOVE his presents (insert evil laugh and creepy stroking of cat here).  We will be celebrating the first day of Christmas tomorrow night so I will posting pics of what delightful gifts we exchange for the next twelve days so please stay tuned.

As always I love hearing from you and actually have some questions that I would love for you to answer:

What is an appropriate amount to spend on Christmas gifts for your friends and family?  Any fun holiday traditions that you do concerning gifts?  Are there any creative ways that you and your family save money during the holidays?

Please comment below or tweet me @frugoal or e-mail me at thefrugoal@gmail.com.


The Budging Budget

Confession time:  P and I have never created a household budget.  Ever. I’m sure this is a surprise to no one that has read my previous posts, and if you haven’t please do…I will wait for you.  Seriously… scroll down, enjoy the read, laugh and I will meet you back up here.  I will give you a few minutes (a few imaginary minutes pass by).  Haha, good stuff, I know!

Alright, now back to the budget (or lack thereof).  I have read a few statistics about how many Americans, like myself, don’t operate with a budget each month regarding their finances.  Side note:  While searching for relevant statistics to incorporate into this blog, I found out a few things.  Did you know that April is National Financial Literacy Month?  April is also National Humor Month, National Pecan Month, and International Guitar Month?  Did you also know that a great way to write this blog is by enjoying a very refreshing 16 oz. Keystone Light?  I feel like I’m getting off track again…where were we, oh yes, something to do with a big word, Oh!  “Statistics”.

After reading several articles, the numbers vary but this is the gist of it:

The number of American households that don’t track their monthly spending is somewhere around 40%.  This was written in the shortest and simplest way by a  Bankrate.com survey in July 2011 which asked the question”Do you, or does your spouse, track your monthly spending against a budget, or not?”  Their findings:  40% do not, 58% do.  Second side note:  Anyone else get annoyed when surveys come out and 100% isn’t accounted for?   Like with the above survey, what in the heck did the other 2% say that wasn’t yes or no, or did they randomly go into serenading a Justin Bieber song, and Bankrate.com did not feel it was necessary to put that information in their little survey?  They should have, it would have been the most interesting part.

But what is a survey anyway?   Who cares about what a survey says unless it is on an episode of Family Feud?  The only thing about surveys is that it asks a question and automatically you should ask yourself if it applies to you.  Well survey says that this girl is a part of the 40% that doesn’t track her monthly spending and she is also part of the 2% that have Bieber Fever.

So on Easter Sunday I resurrected a budget.  P was golfing, but I felt like I was the one on par with what I should have been doing that day (have to include at least one pun per blog).  So here is an outline of the budget I made up for the month of April, please feel free to use and modify accordingly to your monthly bills:

April 2013 Budget

  • Mortgage/Rent:
  • Insurance:
  • Electric Bill:
  • Cell Phone:
  • Cable/Internet:
  • Jeep Payment (a.k.a. “The Reason Why I Drink”):
  • Student Loan Payment(s):
  • Credit Card Payment:
  • Fun Money (Entertainment):
  • Savings:
  • Gas:
  • Groceries:

Total amount:

Total income:


So there it is, a budget that will budge by the end of the month, but at least there is now a tracking sheet of  where our money is going and how much of it is going where.

Thanks for reading!