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New Year, New Frugoals!

Happy 2015 everyone!!!!  I haven’t looked out the window yet, but I will be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t look anything like the 2015 featured in Back To The Future II.


Damn!  Hate to spoil it for everyone but just stepped outside and there are no teens riding hoverboards in my neighborhood.


It is always so refreshing to start a new year.  It is like taking a bath after you have accumulated 365 days worth of stench. January 1 we all wake up fresh as a daisy and ready to bring IT the next 365 days.  I have lots of goals (both of the personal, professional and of course, frugoal variety).

I don’t want to lose a specific amount of weight.  I WILL get healthier.

I don’t want life to happen to me in 2015.  I WILL make life happen.

I don’t want to hit a certain number of blog hits or reach “X” amount of followers.  I WILL continue writing and knowing that this blog fills my soul with nothing but pure happiness.

I don’t want to focus on the fact I won’t be out of debt in 2015.  I WILL keep climbing out of debt a dollar at a time.

I don’t want to dwell on negative things from the past or negative thoughts about the future.  I WILL experience life day by day and know that happiness is as simple as appreciation for the moment that you are in.

With all that sappiness laid out on the table what are your goals for this year?

Thanks for spending part of your new year with me!


Friday Quotes: The Dreamers!

Normally Sunday is reserved for inspirational quotes but I want to dedicate this post to the dreamers out there (which ultimately will tie into my non-quote filled Sunday blog). This post is for all of you beautiful people who live a wonderful life in which you not only reach for the moon, but lasso it. Those that not only think outside the box but dance around it.

So dreamers, keep on dreaming!

Will catch you back here tomorrow for an all new blog (which will tie into this blog and Sunday’s blog).


Sunday Quotes: Healthy Life

I am now officially entering my second week of the couch to 5K challenge and coming off of a slightly traumatic dressing room situation that occurred on Friday that left me hating the fact that I have let myself gain 20 extra pounds in the last couple of years.

I seriously need some sort of intervention on memegenerator.net.  I can't STOP making memes!
I seriously need some sort of intervention on memegenerator.net. I can’t STOP making memes!


With all of the above being stated, this week I need to get my sweat on and start to breakup with junk food and sugar (minus July 4th of course).  I am sure I will not handle the breakup well.  Junk food and sugar will move on swiftly and quickly, while I will be a wreck for awhile.


Here is some motivation to get me through this upcoming week (maybe it will help out some of you as well):


HealthyLivingInspirationSuccessimages (9)images (7)images (6)

images (10)healthy-quote-1download (1)



Hope this helps me and some of you have a healthier week!  Now off to the grocery store!

See you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge!


A Little Game Called “Just The Tip”.

Hello All!

So how many of you struggle with eating out?  Okay, that sounds dirty.

Let me start over.

How many of you struggle with the tip?  How much?  How little?  Still sounds dirty.

One more time.

When receiving any sort of service from another person, what is the appropriate amount of money to give the person who has serviced you?  DAMMIT!

Let’s just make this as simple as possible.

How much is the appropriate amount to tip a server when dining out?

It is common knowledge that a 15% tip is the standard, but I have friends and family that tip 20%-25% without even batting an eye.  Am I the only diner that gets anxiety about tipping the appropriate amount and running through all kinds of variables to ultimately fill out the tip line on the bill?  Here is a few examples of some of the questions that race through my mind when tipping:

Was my drink constantly full or was I parched throughout my meal?

Did the food come at the appropriate time?

Did the server check in on us?

Did the server check in on us too much?

Did I have a great experience?

Was the server’s attitude that of awesomeness or a little douchey?

And the last question always is:

Does the server deserve a standard 15%, or a tad more or a tad less?

Side note:  Does the 15% tip include the total amount of the meal AND tax?   I always include the tax, but should I be?

I want to hear your thoughts on this.  So please comment below, or e-mail me @thefrugoal@gmail.com or share your tips about tipping on twitter @frugoal.

Thanks for reading and please, please, please give me your input.  Happy weekend and may the tipping forces be with you!



Three things I want this March 2014 (Crazy Cat Lady Edition)!

I love cats (okay, really just my cat), and here are three things feline that I wish were mine!

A cat rug!


Adorable cat rings!





Fast Food Fast: The Conclusion…Of The Beginning

In case you are new to this blog (welcome back to those that are old to it) I started the month of September with the intention of doing a fast food fast for one month.

You can read all about it here:


And here:


If you don’t want to read my awesome aforementioned posts (if you have already read them may I just write in all caps YOU ROCK), here is the gist:  No fast food, no booze, no pop and no junk food (unless I make it myself) during the month of September.  The ultimate goal for the 30 days: To save some money and maybe lose a few pounds.

Now if you have a calendar nearby you will notice it is October 2.  The 30 day challenge has left the building.  Did I cheat?  What were the results? Am I currently downing a vodka and coke as I am writing this blog post?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  One thing at a time people.  Let’s begin with the whole cheating thing.  Yes.  Okay, I admit it.  I cheated with a coke here, some ginger ale there and I did have a few ounces of wine, some snickers may have sneaked in and can I just exclaim in a melodramatic fashion “DAMN YOU SUBWAY!  DAMN YOU AND YOUR SUBTEMBER!”  With all that being said, or rather written, I am still pretty dang proud of myself.  I could have listened to my inner voice like I had so many times before when she said to me:  “Good going Ang.  You sabotaged yourself and your diet so you might as well go crazy.  Go to McDonald’s.  Go drink a beer.  Go buy yourself a king size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Reese’s Pieces”.  This fast food fast was different.  This time I told that inner voice to “go scratch” (terminology I learned from watching Real Housewives Of New Jersey) and didn’t give in.  I stayed away from McDonald’s fries (my weakness), though I did ask to smell my friend/fellow co-worker’s McD’s fries, and she let me (thanks Sue!).  I even went out to the bar with friends a few nights and I sipped on club soda with a lime.  I didn’t let the fact that I slipped a little be an excuse to go off the rails, which was pretty empowering.

The next burning question on your minds I’m sure:  What were the results?

Even though I didn’t follow my rules to a T and had a few setbacks, there are some definite positives to doing this fast food fast.  Here is the list:

1.  I am down 6 pounds!

2.  My skin is clearer and soft as a baby’s bottom.

3.  My mind is clearer.  I’m pretty sure there are some brain cells that have started to rejuvenate themselves.

4.  The liver is living again.

5.  Saved money…a lot.  Especially by not drinking.  I haven’t crunched the actual total, but the rough estimate is close to $300.00.  No wonder mormons can afford so many kids!

Lastly, am I back to boozing and cruising the drive-thru lanes now that it is October?  The answer:  Heck  to the No.  Finally starting to feel better and who knows?  Maybe I can drop some more lbs. and save more money.

So now that I have answered all of your questions that I thought you would pose to me, I now have one question for you:  Who wants to do this with me?  If you don’t think you can do a whole month, start with just a week, or even just a weekend.  Your wallet will get fatter and your waistline will get smaller.  Anyone?

As always, thank you for stopping by and I love hearing from you so leave a comment below, or e-mail me: thefrugoal.gmail.com, or my twitter handle is @frugoal.

Thanks again!


Thirty Dollars Or Less: 1 street fair, 2 gals and a hell of a lot of mason jars

O to the M to the G!  Very excited to present my first post about dates for 2 under $30.00.  This post is all about celebrating a very belated birthday for my girlfriend Alexis*.


(Actual picture of Alexis*…and to all of my eligible male readers out there, she is single and ready to mingle and even more ready to kill me for just writing that)

Alexis had a birthday at the beginning of the month but for various reasons we weren’t able to connect  and celebrate it until this past Saturday.  So we did, all on a Hamilton and a Jackson y’all (in case you don’t speak white girl gansta, that means a $10.00 bill and a $20.00 bill you all).

First stop:  Lunch.  We met at Red Robin and had a great meal.  She had a petite burger and I noshed on their $3.00 classic mini wedge salad (yum) and their $5.00 pretzel bites (double yum).  She talked about a certain boy in her life, pinterest and mason jars. I talked about my cat.  We also talked about Syria (okay we didn’t, we talked more about those damn mason jars on pinterest).

Finished our meal and got the bill.  This gal was able to take her girlfriend out for her birthday (tip included) for $23.91. Alexis my girl, you are one cheap date (I mean that in the nicest way possible).  Our girl date was starting off just swell and I still had $6.00 to spare.

Next stop:  An unexpected street fair just behind Red Robin.  Neither of us knew this was going on so it was an added perk to our girl date.  Street fairs are perfect for walking off a meal at Red Robin, people watching and window shopping.


We found a cute boutique (which is French for “cute but ridiculously overpriced”) and wandered in.  What was there to greet us?  MASON JARS.  So many mason jars.  Mason jars as wine glasses, bride/groom glasses, shot glasses.  Mason jars were everywhere.  I even suggested to Alexis she should go as a mason jar for Halloween this year.  Who knew these glass containers were such a “thing”?  Pinterest knew it was a thing and so did Alexis.  This blogger wasn’t in the know and it was time to step away from the store with all the mason jars and get back to the street fair and fresh air.

Though it was a particularly  overcast day, we found some beautiful scenery to enjoy.


It did get a little chilly so Starbucks was calling our names.

Last stop:  Starbucks.  We each got a small…oops, I mean “tall” drink.  Alexis pulled out a gift card with a couple bucks on it and the total came to:  Well I can’t find my stupid Starbucks receipt but it was $2 or $3 something or other.

Regardless,  the entire date was less than $30.00.

Hope you liked this new feature on my blog and let me know what you think!

Comment below, e-mail me @thefrugoal@gmail.com or tweet me @frugoal

Thanks for reading!


*Alexis may or may not (but probably is) her real name

Fast Food Fast Episode I: A Kernel of Hope

A not so long time ago in a galaxy not that far away…


Episode I


Financial turmoil has engulfed this girl’s republic by way of fast food and booze.  Her and her bank balance are in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter with one month of deadly will power, she has decided to stop any junk food and alcohol from entering her planet.

While temptation threatens to destroy her progress, a kernel of hope is on it’s way to settle the conflict….

It has been 9 days since my fast food fast has begun.  If you don’t know the hell…errrr I mean challenge I signed up for, please click to read the previous post:


To sum up:  no junk, no booze, and no fun.  When am I supposed to feel better?  I hope soon.  I must admit I had a few french fries (though not at a fast food place) and I did have a diet pop at a bar.  Temptation is everywhere though.  Between work and being in the midst of a play, fast food (and a drink or 2) is a very tempting option.  I just want a beer…9 days without a damn beer has this gal feeling parched.  It doesn’t help that just today my brother sent me a pic of a beer with the caption “Such a refreshing beverage after a rough day”.  

As for the money saving aspect of this venture…jury is still out.

The worst part about these 9 days (TMI portion of the blog) PMS has struck.  To every woman PMS means something different.  Some women experience mild mood swings, bloating, and cramping.  Personally, PMS means two things:  1) I watch Snapped marathons and take the side of the women who offed their husbands, and 2) I WANT SALT.  Seriously PMS might as well be short for Pour More Salt.  I have poured salt on oatmeal, salt on avocado, and saturated my beer with salt (oh beer how I miss you).  These first 9 days have been rough.

There have been a few silver linings though.  I have noticed that my skin has started to clear up.  What was once a canvas for some hardcore chin acne is now starting to just be a chin.  The one upside to acne was getting carded more, but since I’m not buying booze this month I will not even miss that perk.  I also am down 3 pounds.  Not anything special, but it is something and I think that it is a pretty impressive  weight loss considering my workouts have been lacking over the last several weeks.

Today was a rough day for me.  I was questioning if the past 9 days have been worth it.  Should I stick it out for the month?  When will will my cravings subside?  Will this little experiment actually save money?  Should I just say “to hell with it” and go to McDonald’s and get a cheeseburger then go to the gas station and buy a tall boy?

As I was pondering all of these questions while eating my lunch (a mediocre salad) something happened.  A very small something happened.  Some may even call it a “sign”.  I looked down and a kernel of hope looked up at me and smiled.


Some may find this corny but I felt like this little kernel was cheering me on to keep up with this whole “healthy eating” thing and continue my fast food fast!

Fast Food Fast

Love being inspired by others!  I have noticed lately that my cousin Megan looks great. Please don’t misunderstand me, she always looks great and she IS 22 (we all look great at 22…even Taylor Swift had to write a song about it).  Megan has been looking better than normal though.  Her hair is shinier, skin is glowier (yes “spellcheck” I am aware that glowier is not a word so you can keep red underlining away) and her waistline is down.  She also seems to have more energy and just seems happier.  I asked what the heck she has been doing and her answer was no fast food.  That simple.  She gave up those golden arches known as McDonald’s and that redhead with the pigtails known as Wendy on New Year’s Day and hasn’t been back since.

Alright Megan.  You just inspired this girl to give up fast food too…for one month.

August is almost a distant memory and September is fast approaching.  So September will be the month of my fast food fast.  I think it will be easy.  I don’t think I eat that much fast food, but then again I can’t remember the last time I cooked a meal.  Let me check something really quick and I will get back to you….

10 minutes later

Say what???  Just checked online and this household put close to $200.00 on the debit card in fast food purchases alone in the month of August and the month isn’t even over yet!  That doesn’t even count any cash purchases of fast food that were made.  TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That could have paid for the cable AND electric bill…I think I’m officially sick (it could be from the large fountain Dr. Pepper I acquired at Subway today…or it could be the reality of how much money was wasted on junk food).

That is the great thing about life though!  Every day (or month) is full of possibilities and can be a fresh start.  So here are the rules for my September fast food fast:

No eating at any place that has a drive-thru.

No junk food (unless I make it myself…from scratch).

No pop…that’s right, it’s called “pop” not “soda” and if you have a problem with that then move back to California*!

Lastly, no booze (I just died a little inside).

Those are the rules and I will stick to them.  Thankfully September is only 30 days and who knows, maybe this will inspire some of you to give up the junk for a little while too (or at least see how much of your money goes to fast food).  Always want to hear from you so comment below, e-mail me @thefrugoal.gmail.com (except for the stalker from Pakistan) or follow me on twitter @frugoal (up to 13 followers).

*written in jest

Not So Crazy Cat Lady…Or Am I?


Meet Orville.  He is the new man in my life.  A Russian Blue cat who appropriately came out of the Russian “Blue” a little over a week ago.  No need to get into the “catty” details of how this lil boy now lives with me, but there are still mixed feelings about him.  First off, I’m not a cat person.  I am not one of those people who looks up animal youtube videos and laughs hysterically then feels the need to share them on facebook. Instead I use facebook to share hilarious one-liners that pop into my head. You want an example?  Of course you do!  Something that I posted this past November and I thought was deliciously witty was as follows:  Is it possible to get breast implants for your back? Trying to find a way to get free back rubs on a regular basis.   Hilarious, right?!?!  It was so witty I thought it would get over 3,000 likes (when in actuality I only have a little over 200 facebook friends) but alas, it got 17 likes…17!!!!  People post pics of a piece of pizza (tongue twister alert) and get 50 likes!  I feel like I’m getting off topic.  Where was I?  Ah yes, not a cat person.  I’m not a cat person (oh yeah I covered that).  Secondly, my second biggest fear (right behind anime movies) is morphing into a crazy cat lady (CCL).  The woman whose only social interactions are with her cats.  The woman who makes headlines with her 100+ felines.  The woman who dies childless and when the neighbors complain about the smell coming from her small, disorderly apartment, the police discover her body sans face…the cats were hungry.  Every CCL starts off normal.  She is pre-CCL.  No cats, no Orville.  These pre-CCLs also post funny one-liners on facebook that get 17 likes.  Maybe these pre-CCLs start a financial blog and call it “Frugoal”.  Then a pre-CCL gets her first cat and morphs into a cat lady (CL).  After the first cat enters her life, the CL then acquires another kitten to keep the first one company.  She transitions from a CL to a CsL (Cats Lady).  Then a third kitty is introduced so the  CsL can dress her three cats up a la Charlie’s Angels (full blown Crazy Cat Ladyhood has arrived).  Then 3 turns into…well it really doesn’t matter after you have 3 cats, does it?

So what was the point of this post?  The point was to prove that I won’t be defined by having a cat because Orville won’t be a cat.  Orville will just be a dude that lives with me for free who I happen to have to feed and scoop his poop.  I won’t be a CL, and if I’m not a CL I can’t possibly turn into a CCL?


To prevent me from making Orville my only social interaction tonight please leave a comment below (it doesn’t even need to be cat related), e-mail me at thefrugoal@gmail.com, or tweet me @frugoal (I have two followers, following four, and have no clue how to tweet, twat or twit so it should be fun to figure out).